Sideshow Collectibles Celebrates 20 Years

Twenty years ago, Sideshow Collectibles embarked on the simple mission of connecting people with their favorite characters and icons from the worlds of film, comic books, and popular culture – and to this day that mission has never changed. Join us here as we celebrate 20 years of icons, figural art, and collecting, and proudly declare that pop culture is our culture!

Did you know?

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In 2011, Sideshow Collectibles was granted the opportunity to create a signature line of collectibles inspired by the iconic super heroes and villains of DC Comics.

Our first release in the DC collection was Batman's maniacal archenemy, The Joker Premium Format™ Figure!

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  • Fritz Leipold

    While sixth-scale figures are all I have so far collected in my brief time in the hobby, I also love the maquettes… Hulk was especially swell, and I love love LOVE Sideshows’ dino maquettes! I just haven’t been able to find the funds for any of them yet. :’(

  • Mark Rivera

    Sideshow is the best. Nothing else need ever be said. I have been collecting for five years. Started because I already had a lot of swag from reviewing home video and TV shows online. Then I wanted to display it in a case like a comic shop does and then I bought my first Sideshow piece, a sixth scale Assaj Ventress. I own more than twenty Sideshow pieces now. Had to buy more cases to display them in as well. Expensive hobby, but nothing equals the high of receiving a Sideshow Collectible product from UPS. I wish I were rich so I can just buy as much as I want and have statues coming in all year round. That would be like Christmas every week. I love Sideshow Collectibles and they are simply the best! Thank you.

  • Robert Chavez

    Just bought my second Sideshow piece, and I second Mark’s wish of being rich so I can just buy and buy from Sideshow. My wife is afraid every time she sees me on their web site. My first piece was Mazinger Z.mused to love that show when I was a kid. And now imma wait for General Zod piece with excitment

  • Tobie Cote

    Nothing equals Sideshow quality! Sixth Scale are great but i prefer the amazing statues to toys. I would love to get Legendary but they are simply of my budget so premium is what sideshow is making the best for still affordable price. I started with my first Legendary scale Sauron bust bust in 2007 since then I saw the amazing evolution and now I am proud collector.I allocated a small monthly budget. You cant imagine the pleasure i get to come home and find all theses great characters:) Keep on the great work!

  • 0(o_o)0(-_-)(o…o)

    Now that Pixar is back with Disney can we get a Mr Incredible + Wreck-it-Ralph premium formats?

  • Glenn Maes

    Sad but true :P

  • Ben Roberts

    I really am a fan of the premium format statue. I wish SC would make more GI. Joe PF statues. Storm Shadow, Tomax/Xamot, Snake Eyes, Duke, Sci-Fi, Night Raven pilot, Cobra Eel, Wet-Suit, and some others would be nice. By the way, I want them based on the CARTOON series. The movie versions are just ugly and lack personality.

  • David Elley

    given that their population is huge, I would think that the odds are for an american to get most of them. I have no issues. I am in Canada and just love the fact that they have give aways at all. So relax everyone.

  • Jay P.

    Not true! I live in Bermuda and I won a Jake Sully AVATAR 1/6 Hot Toys figure. I thought the same as you till the day I won.. LOL!

  • Chris Kong

    I discovered Sideshow Collectibles just a month ago and I am already hooked. These giveaways are just so generous and their variety of statues are so vast and unique that when I get more money in the future, I will make sure that I purchase more from this company than I am currently. Thanks guys.