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  • JamesS2012

    Ok…that April Fools was pretty slick. But damn, that Governator figure looks really good and would be neat to have. Maybe that, as a one-off figure, should have been the prize.

  • Alice Sisilia Melo

    :D Awesome lol I love it

  • RDiBerto67

    You got me real good. I hope i win.

  • ken hamilton

    Battle damaged governator.Great idea.Should do in limited edition.I want one

  • Stiler Orion

    When trying to enter this contest the page hung up on “Submitting entry” (I waited a few minutes), so I reloaded and it hung up again so I was going to try later but then I got two emails saying my entry was submitted twice, I do hope I won’t be disqualified because of two entries?

    • Thacher

      I had the same issue as ^…

  • James

    Make it……….if you want to live…………..

  • L Sanchez

    A post-tax season Governator would be totally awesome!!!