Featured Collector Can C.

Featured Collector Can C.Can C.

Izmir, Turkey

Started Collecting:     
I have always been collecting!

I fell in love with Sideshow when I realised they were making large statues of characters from my favourite films with real tailored costumes.

For the past 8 to 9 years I’ve been captivated with this art form, which brought my passion for everything Star Wars into my reality and my living room.


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Likes to Collect
The main focus of my collection is Star Wars, and especially Premium Format Figures. Busts are great too, but I like the dynamism that the full body can create in a statue.
One of my favourite pieces is the Yoda and Clone Trooper Premium Format Figure since there are no other figures that depict a scene with the same kind of glory. However, I obviously cannot deny the beauty of my precious Darth Talon, or the fiery look in the eyes of Obi Wan in his Mythos moment...
As much as I love Star Wars, I think I will also be turning my attention to Iron Man pieces in the near future!
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