Winners of the biggest giveaway in the galaxy!

This summer, Sideshow, ThinkGeek, and Empire Magazine teamed up to give Star Wars fans a chance to win a coveted seven-and-a-half foot tall Han Solo in Carbonite Life-Size Figure, worth nearly $7000, and a ThinkGeek Han Solo prize pack worth nearly $250!

And the winners are…

Grand Prize: Han Solo in Carbonite Life-Size Figure

Runner-Up Prize: ThinkGeek Han Solo prize pack
The Runner-up prize pack consists of:

A big congratulations, and thanks to all those who participated!
We invite you to check out more Sideshow contests for chances at awesome prizes, and shop our full selection of Star Wars collectibles.

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  • R. N.

    Congratulations Rhett Planas, May The Force Be With You!!! Enjoy.

  • Music Underscores Me

    Congratulations to both Ashley and Rhett. Great contest, great prizes!

  • Simon

    Congrats to the lucky winners! :)

  • Tom Shewbridge

    Congratulations to both of you, so really jealous. Yep, just really jealous.

  • ajaxone

    my favorite decoration

  • Mauricio Ferreira

    Didn’t win, but loved the presentation. Still a very faithful SSC costumer.

  • Narukami

    Sideshow had a great booth at Comic-Con and it was fun just being able to talk to the Sideshow crew as we filled out our entry forms — Thanks!

  • Chris S

    The force is strong with these winners!

  • Francisco Bello

    jealous, very much, but congrats maybe I’ll win next time!!!

  • Michael H.

    Congrats to the winners!

  • simon macdonald

    congrats to the winners, p.s. love the han solo costume

  • JasonDhalle

    I demand a recount!!!!!!!

  • ScandalSavage

    They misspelled my name.

  • OmalleyDoc .

    Congrats on your prize, guard it well! Hopefully better than a certain slug did.

  • Benjamin

    Wow awsome good job guys!! That’s a heck of a prize!!congrats xD

  • Cliffhanger77

    Congrats to the winners! And thanks, Sideshow, for the opportunity!

  • Edward Davis

    Congrats to Rhett and Ashley!! Thats Huge! HUGE I tells ya!

  • Dale Frewaldt


  • sirgrunt_99

    May The Force Be With the winner

  • Clyde A. Gabriel


  • NEETfreak

    Great now I’m not only bitter that I didn’t win, I coulda had my name in a hologram!
    Oh well, like slave Leias at Comic-Con – I’m over it.

  • Obi-Shawn

    Ashley and Rhett? How weird is it that the two winners have the names of the two suitors for Scarlett O’Hara’s hand from “Gone with the Wind”? Congratulations, guys!