Which Star Wars Bounty Hunter are you?

  • chris

    Says I’m Jango Fett.

  • Jake Nolan

    I got Boba Fett!!! :D

  • Samuel Ellmer

    Oh yes, Boba Fett!

  • DarkSde

    “I think, therefore I am. I destroy, therefore I endure.” – IG-88

  • DarkSde


  • charlotte28277

    got boba

  • deeblock116

    SS please surprise us with more Classic MARVEL villains.

  • Dhaval K. Chikane

    Sideshow Bang with 1st Day Announcement of World War Hulk Aka KinG HulK………. Awesome

  • Dino Pirreca

    Are we getting the three Toy Fair Exclusives Hot Toys just released today?

  • Jango34

    Boba Fett Premium Format Please!

  • Bruce Stark

    IG-88 would have rather has HK but it will work

  • meh

    aurra sing

  • Captain Pooters

    am i the only one who got bossk?