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Predator 2 Maquette

Predator 2 Maquette

A Predator 2 Maquette by Sideshow Collectibles

Payment Plan available for as little as $180.00 USD / month

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Predator 2 Maquette Preview

The Predator 2 Maquette stands prepped and ready to go on his hunt through the streets of Los Angeles for prized trophies!  Sideshow Collectibles will have this master hunter available for order soon!

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  • melloj1

    I think the Marquette is great, but the 1:1 Bio sucks! Not even close to the movie. Looks as if if someone’s done it from poor memory.

  • Halcyon

    Read that this comes with a lot of switch-out parts, thats awesome. Really hope that this will be available for ALL the Fans (both Regular as Ex buyers). No EX edition would be fine with me also ;-)
    Both Masked & Unmasked look amazing already. Paint scheme like this proto would be the max!! Well done sideshow.