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Tauntaun Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure Related Product

Tauntaun Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure Related Product

A Star Wars Sixth Scale Figure Related Product by Sideshow Collectibles

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jpeg-1 Echo Base Preview

Coming Soon to Sideshow Collectibles

Echo Base Preview

With Tauntauns as their trusty steeds, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo patrol the icy plains and mountains that surround the Rebel base on Hoth during the war against the Empire.  Sideshow Collectibles’ Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Tauntaun Sixth Scale Figures will be the Star Wars pieces you’ll want more than a hungry wampa!

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  • franco goss

    Come on You Guy’s , where is the Imperial Probe Droid ?

  • Josh Blackmun

    Veeeery cool. #want

  • Sideshow_Admin

    It’s coming in the Fall! I’m so excited for this piece! Thanks for asking about it.

  • Sideshow_Admin

    Hey! While true that most of Han’s jackets are blue, these were the reference photos that we were using. His Hoth jacket is brown. I hope this clears things up! Thanks for the concern!

    • Scott

      Yes, the coat IS BROWN. I really don’t understand why anyone ever thought is was blue. Maybe it was because Kenner screwed up the color on the Hoth Han action figure back in 1980. Who knows?

  • JRodri2540

    Figures and Taun Taun are amazing!! When will they be up for pre-order?

  • Joèl Lekcog


    • Sideshow_Admin

      Soon? :) That’s all I can say… but trust me, it is SOON! *Susan

      • Joèl Lekcog

        Soon is past :D .. can’t wait :( ..

      • Daniel Lemire

        How soon? I don’t want to take the risk of not having any money when it comes out. So until then I’m refraining myself from buying other figures.

  • Gregory Vinson

    Spectacular work as usual Sideshow! Cant wait to add another Luke to my collection. As to the sycophants already complaining about coat color and the like; IGNORE THEM! You guy always do a faithful accurate portrayal of whatever you are crafting.

  • Mondo

    Can’t wait for a accurate scale Wampa to go with this set too.

  • Tank0211


    Will we be getting a wampa too???

  • Miguel Sandoval

    This has to be the best companion piece ever made!!!

  • Paul

    Been waiting for this for a long time. :D

  • Doug Olson

    Ok, sweet! But I ALSO want the Hungry Wampa!

  • Matthew Borchers

    I’m pretty sure I want the hungry wampa just as much as these guys. Let me check — yup, I do. These look great though! I can’t wait to get them.

  • Ronilson Lobo

    Episode V is really the best … Very perfect pieces …

  • mark papke

    Ones got a blue coat and one has a brown coat. They both show the head without head gear on in the pictures, they both say exclusive. Which one is more limited?