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Security Battle Droids Sixth Scale Figure

Security Battle Droids Sixth Scale Figure

A Star Wars Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

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Security Battle Droids – Preview

Built to serve, the Security Battle droids come off the assembly line in droves to help the Trade Federation.  Beaming with attitude and personality these robust OOM-series B1 predecessors almost always get their jobs done…when they’re focused.  The chance to start new squads of Security Battle Droid Sixth Scale Figure Sets is happening soon!

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  • Punchy

    Love to see more aliens. Hammerhead was amazing. Yakface would look great in 1/6.

    • YAK_Jayson

      Dang right!

  • Matthew Knoll

    In! I need these!

  • Hunter Jason Ronin

    Pass, it amazes me that In the star wars universe they can have smart R-2 and C3po units but drop the ball on security droids

  • Cody

    Wow I want these! I missed out on the 1st ones but I like these better! They will go along great with
    my custom sith lord. She needs an entourage.

  • OB1Knobby

    The first set of Battle Droids I was like “meh, whatever”. I guess they just needed a splash of color. I’m really kinda digging these. Although blue really is more fetching ;)

  • Anthony Coleman

    I hope these cost either the same as the infantry set or less because they don’t look like they come with packs. Very excited about this set since i missed out on the first set.

  • AAA

    Very well designed and incredibly fun to play with! I’ve been looking forward to adding these versions to my Prequel collection.

  • Ronnie

    Good to see your exploiting the Prequel era more- hopefully someday you’ll get to EU and I can have the Ahsoka I’ve always dreamed of.

  • Stan Squatrack

    Prometheus Engineer Please!