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Made by Sideshow Collectibles

The Predator 1:1 Scale Bust

Life-Size Bust by Sideshow Collectibles

Limited Edition: 1000      

Product Summary

Starting with the original molds of the Predator, Stan Winston Studio, and Sideshow Collectibles, have once again joined forces to bring an iconic film character to life. Though often imitated, this piece will truly be the first collectible Predator created under Stan Winston's guidance by his studio.

From the infamous dreadlocks, to the razor sharp mandibles, every feature has been carefully posed and finished to bring to the collector the finest dynamic Predator bust ever made.

With the utmost attention to detail, the complicated skin coloration of the Predator was duplicated exactly to finish off, arguably, the most strikingly powerful movie alien ever.

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Product Details

Life-Size Bust
Sideshow Collectibles
Product Size
20.5" H (520.7mm) x 23" W (584.2mm) x 24" D (609.6mm)*
Dimensional Weight
Int'l Dim. Weight
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Oversized Item: The shipping cost will be calculated on dimensional weight rather than product weight for this item due to its oversized dimensions.

Product Sku

Artists: Stan Winston Studios

) 2004 Fox


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Run! Get to the Chopper!!!

I am truly in awe just looking at it. What a magnificent piece. Words cant describe my absolute admiration for this bust. If you love the Predator franchise and you have enough room, then definitely get this. The detail is amazing and the drool effect is awesome. A MUST HAVE!!!!

"What the hell are you?"

When I firs saw this bust when it was first released about seven years ago I instantly knew that I have to have it! This bust is the centerpiece of my Predator collection! The paint job is fantastic and SWS did a great job on this character! I'm so very happy to have this bad boy!!! Thanks!

S*%t happens

his is by far is the best predator headbust, this was my first sideshow piece and after that I have been collecting sideshow statues. Sideshow has the game on lock!!!

The best bust ever PERIOD !

This is my no 1 bust of all ! The detail, paint, drops, mouth, eyes, theeth...are extraordinaire fantastic...This I will never sell for sure - A humble thanks to SideShow and Stan Winston Studios - im out of words WOW

Ooooh those eyes!! So real it scared my son

A lot has been said about this big boy. I just wanted to let you know I LOVE my Predator bust. Amazing work Sideshow team. Collectors if you are able to display at eye level I highly recommend it.

"One ugly muthaf$#%@!!!" - in a good way

Absolutely stunning piece! At present this is the best life size Predator piece out there hands down. The likeness is perfect! Menacing! The wet effect on the mouth and mandibles, the paint apps and sculpt is breath taking! A real head turner! One of my center pieces.

This is the Best thing I ever seen!! from SIDESHOW

Hi ! first of all happy new year to all. second The PREDATOR bust is Incredible. He is so big is actually hard to display. I feel like I am being watched by the Best Hunter in the galaxy. The detail is just breathtaking!! from another galaxy ! If you are a fan of the movie YOU MUST HAVE IT !


The level of detail on this piece is second to none and it is HUGE! Yet another quality product from Sideshow and Stan Winston! As I mentioned in my Alien Queen review,how about another partnership in bringing us a 1:1 Pumpkinhead Bust?

The Hunter Lives On

I'm once again taken back by the quality and pure on screen feel this peice has. This is just a stunning bust and as close to owning a screen used peice as you can get. Sideshow and Winston studios has delievered what the fans want. Don't miss out as you will be kicking yourself at a later date


After spending a whole day this thing, I must say once again, I am floored by how great it is!!!! YOU MUST OWN THIS THING!!! Its picture perfect. Sometimes you see the pix then in person not as good, just the oppostie here, pix dont do it justice! For $633 + no shiiping how could you say no?!?!?!?!?


The ultimate Predator collectible beside the original costume itself! It is the centre piece of my Predator Shrine. One of the many hi-lights of this bust are the staring eyes, perfectly replecating the contact lenses worn by Kevin Peter Hall.

If it bleeds...

Simply an incredible bust. Every bit of screen- scene detail has been captured and finished to the exacting standard Sideshow are world re-knowned for. A future collectors investment for sure!

Predator 1:1 Bust

This piece is absolutely stunning and realistic!

Jaw dropping

WOW!!! Completely awesome! Spot on. One of the best replicas seen. Very highly detailed and the size of this piece, just an great item. Love the jaw dropping expressions when people see it.

Terrific head!

The bust is great! I love Predator and this head is really AWESOME! Only one litte thing: They should have payed a bit more attention to the painting of the dreadlocks. Too many "vague spots" in the black paint.

Predtaor, so real

This bust is awesome, I would give it ten stars if available. The detail and likeness is so good that everyone that has come to my place and seen it is just amazed,they just stare and cant beleive how realistic it is. Every detail is so spot on and I am very happy to have this in my collection.

Put a stop to online 'retail therapy'...

Yes, it's true! This Predator Bust will not only exceed your expectations of quality & size but keep your missus away from the computer thus avoiding further online purchases!! She was so freaked out by his "stare" when she saw him that it prevented her from even entering the room! Onya Sideshow :D

Pictures just dont do it justice

This thing is amazing, its easily my favorit statue. Its looks so alive its creepy, and the cheer size of the thing! its insanely large. I just love seeing peoples reactions the first time they see it.

The ultimate Predator collectible!

There is one simple thing that annoys me with almost every collectible I buy: The production piece is NEVER anywhere as good as the prototype. Well Sideshow just DESTROYS that old rule with this gorgeous and massive Predator bust. See how good those photos look on the product page? Well it's that awesome when you've unpacked it and it's sitting in front of you. Combine this piece with the upcoming Predator Maquette coming out in Spring 2006, and you will own the 2 greatest Predator replicas on the market. Congratulations Sideshow on raising the bar and delivering a product that looks every bit as good as it does in your promo shots!