Join us from December 25th, 2013 to January 5th, 2014 for our annual 12 Days of Sideshow event! On each day, we’ll unveil a brand new ‘behind the scenes’ photo or video!

All of us here at Sideshow Collectibles would like to wish you and your loved ones a happy and fun holiday season!

  • DynamicMenace

    alright. lest get this party started :)
    blow our socks off this year SS. :D
    bring it!!!

  • Snake eyes 211

    WOW Wonder Woman looks amazing
    Happy Holiday

  • Eddie Gonzalez

    Looks like my next preorder. BEAUTIFUL.

  • James

    I love it!!! My wife already told me she wants this lovely statue of Princess Diana!

  • notoriuos_menace

    My wife said that this statue is the only other female I’m allowed to stare at. Definitely going in my collection.

    • Queso6p4

      Lucky you. :-)

  • Darth Snoopy

    The long wait was worth it! Wonder Woman looks amazing and I can’t wait to PO her!

  • me


  • Juan Carlos Perez Santos

    I just saw the batman armory i hope they put it up for pre order soon

  • Goldring

    When we will offer maquette Merry and Pippin?

    • Jeff

      Yes, they are the missing part of the fellowship for the polystone line, where are they? Better when are they?

  • Serina

    Hopefully we will finaly see Cortana

    • Siphen

      I would lose my mind if so

  • Shane O’Neill

    Sorry bank account your gonna take a big hit next year.

  • My Collectible World

    Terminator PLEASE :-) !

  • Andrew Edward

    Want the Joker Jack Nicholson MIME version so bad…. I’m already have the Jack Nicholson DX 08, so I think that would be great to have the two versions of him ^_^

  • Eliberto Magadan

    I wanna see new Freddy Kreuger and Jason Voorhees, Leatherface and Michael Myers, ect.

    • ChumpyKiwi

      I agree

  • frost issca

    I as long as Deathwing

  • John White

    How about the Max Rebo band???? please!!!!

  • Craig Mundt

    New Star Wars Mythos… PLEASE. Its been long enough.

    • 6starwars

      I second that! Han would be awesome in the Mythos line.

  • Tango78

    Indiana Jones legendary scale figure, or Last Crusade Indy PF please!!

  • Damien

    uhm….they teased a Cortana PF awhile back so….you’re wrong.

  • Damien

    LOBO LOBO LOBO….or at least Catwoman PF.

  • Benjamin Lublin

    Still eagerly anticipating the alien queen hive, I love you sideshow….. Please show us sometime soon ;-)

  • Chris S

    I’m really hoping we see some Dinosauria in the mix here with the two days that are left!

  • Bob Nagra

    that wonder woman is a definite buy!

  • Tará O’Sullivan

    Crossing my fingers for some of these contests… Would be cool to outfit the new house with some awesome decor.

  • John White

    Id love to finally see the Max Reebo band or an Ashoka Tano with a backpack for Rotta to ride in come on Sideshow I know you can do it!!

  • HittriX

    I also would like to see Cortana for the last day

  • Tómas Valur Þorleifsson

    More Scum and villainy perhaps? Would love some more bounty hunters! Or a sixth scale Grand Moff Tarkin :D

  • Garry

    Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan Sixth Scale Figure, NUFF SAID.

  • Frank Douglas Araujo

    Please make figures series of the 70s
    as, Shazam, Isis, Wonder Woman, Bionic Woman, Man of Atlantis, Hulk etc.

  • Jeff

    Where is the Hobbit and Star Wars Mythos?

  • Francesco

    I’LL WORK FOR YOU …. soon

  • paolo

    please .The joker, Snake Eye and Iron man.

  • Andre

    Would really like that nice collection!

  • Ivan lee

    Please make a omega red premuim format and juggy..

  • SonghackerMLP

    While I can’t sing enough praises for your Wonder Woman PF, and am pleased as punch for DC fans now poised to purchase her alongside the preexisting pair, I was disappointed by the lack of X-announcements.

    What of the Jean Grey PF your 2013 calendar teased? What of the other mutants and mutant-associates rumored to be in production? Inquiring X-collectors wanna’ know. ^_^

  • Yvonne

    Can we get the BEAST ever??

  • Crazan

    Id like to see the Ghostbusters with Ecto1 + a Stay Puft marquette! And Highlander and maybe some 70s TV series 6th scale Professionals, Starsky and Hutch..maybe the cast from Cheers with a bar and a light-up “Cheers” sign! :D

  • victor

    What a different 12 days from last year. Unveils? Really? But I still have love for sideshow!

  • ChumpyKiwi

    I think sideshow should make some Mortal Kombat sixth scale figures or more statues. I already made a sixth scale figure Rain but they neeed to make more!

  • ChumpyKiwi

    I hope its going to be some Batman Arkham City sixth sale figures or statues

  • fasteddie1960

    when will the lily munster statues be coming out for pre-order?

  • Kevin Reppe

    Got my WW order in and I am really happy with this going in with EX Sups and EX GL. I am not digging the Batmans face. Looking to repaint it.
    How about a Flash? Or am I going to have to have one made for me? I would rather have a Sideshow statue. Now for the Conan, Snake and Slave Girl or Queen of the Dead. Very hard choice on that one.