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Sideshow to Produce Van Helsing Collectibles

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Van Helsing - Coming Soon

Writer-director Stephen Sommers, the creator of “The Mummy,” “The Mummy Returns,” and “The Scorpion King” for Universal Studios, will bring the film “Van Helsing” to audiences on May 7, 2004. Drawing inspiration from the studio’s classic horror properties, Sommers will once again inject the spirit of an action adventure movie into a classic horror story to create an epic with lots of scare power.

The story for the film is based on Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, a character originally introduced in Bram Stoker’s book Dracula. A young and adventurous version of Van Helsing will be played by Hugh Jackman for the upcoming film. Jackman as the vampire hunter, Van Helsing, will battle not only Dracula, but The Wolf Man and the Frankenstein monster as well. Set in late Victorian Eastern Europe, the movie will also feature Kate Beckinsale as the beautiful “Anna,” a daughter of a family dedicated to the pursuit of Dracula. Additional cast members include Richard Roxburgh as “Dracula” (the evil duke in “Moulin Rouge“), Will Kemp as “The Wolf Man,” Shuler Hensley as the “Frankenstein monster,” David Wenham as “Friar Carl,” Kevin J. O’Connor as “Igor,” and Samuel West as “Dr. Von Frankenstein”.

Sideshow’s own history of producing critically-acclaimed versions of Universal’s Classic Monsters has prepared the company for its release of 12″ figures, 1/4 scale busts, 1/6 scale statues, and framed collectibles based on “Van Helsing.” In particular, Sideshow will be creating 12″ figures of Van Helsing and Anna, as well as Dracula in “man” form. These figures will be released as limited editions and have an average suggested retail price (SRP) $40-$45. A deluxe full-feature 18″ figure of Van Helsing will also be developed and will sell for more than $200 as a low-run limited edition collectible.

The Frankenstein monster and the trio of Dracula’s vampire brides will all be produced as 1/4 scale polystone busts in limited editions. Dracula in his true monstrous form will be available as a 1/6 scale polystone figure, produced as a numbered limited edition.

Sideshow will also offer framed collectibles incorporating of both Van Helsing and Dracula. These fine art collectibles will be professionally framed and numbered and sold as extremely limited editions with an average SRP of $400 and up.

The creation of the new Van Helsing product line will be developed with the same attention to detail as Sideshow’s critically acclaimed line of Classic Monster products. The Van Helsing product line will present an excellent opportunity to own authentic film collectibles based on the contemporary retelling of the classic horror stories.

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