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Sideshow Collectibles Announces New Agreement to Distribute 12-inch Figures from Medicom

Friday, November 25, 2005

Launching with Anime femme fatales and Sex Pistols…

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA – (November, 2005) – Sideshow Collectibles is proud to announce that it has received exclusive North American distribution rights to Medicom’s Real Action Heroes 12 inch figures, beginning with two red hot characters from Evangelion and the personalities from the Sex Pistols. Medicom is a Japan based company well known for designing and manufacturing highly detailed figure and toy merchandise for a worldwide market. Sideshow Collectibles, the world’s leading manufacturer of licensed and proprietary collectibles, and Medicom successfully partnered years before to distribute some of Medicom’s unique figures, and are pleased to renew the relationship in 2005.

The new Sideshow & Medicom partnership will kick off with characters from very opposite ends of the entertainment spectrum. Hard-core rockers Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols are memorialized for the first time in the 12-inch format, opposite the feminine heroes from Evangelion, Asuka and Rei Ayanami. “Medicom displays a wonderful talent for diversity,” says Sideshow President and CEO Greg Anzalone. “Like Sideshow, they are fearless. Medicom takes on Anime as well as modern rock, and does a tremendous job with both. We’ve been long-time fans of their military and other offerings, and are pleased to bring their newest figures to North America, where they can be difficult to find, and quite expensive.”

Each of Medicom’s figures features a wonderfully articulated 12-inch body and fully fabric costuming. “Medicom does some of the best clothing ever crafted for 12-inch figures,” says Tom Gilliland, Creative Director at Sideshow Collectibles. “Their work is always very considered, and very sharp. We have a great respect for their approach to limited edition collectibles.” The figures are expected to retail for between $100 and $150, and each includes detailed accessories and stunning packaging.

About Medicom Toy Corporation

Since establishment in 1996, MEDICOM TOY has been a Japanese toy company who continuously creates new trends with merchandise in the global toy market solely based on its unique viewpoint and method. Its principal is to value the importance of both products image and cooperation image. And such effort has created many high-quality products, starting with 12 inch action figure, and eventually KUBRICK and BE@RBRICK which are now welcomed by people around the world. Such popularity is supported not only by it’s collectors, but also many young people over the world. And today, MEDICOM TOY continues its evolution through self development, as well as collaborations with various groups from street culture to global corporations.

About the Real Action Heroes (RAH) Series

MEDICOM TOY proudly presents this 12 inch action figure series. REAL ACTION HEROES had achieved unrivaled quality after 9 years of developing experience and knowledge. All the elements such as first rated sculptors, 3D Scanning machine, careful development of costume pattern which based on actual prop, and self-developed inner body with wide ranged articulation had gained it’s value from old action figure to “the art”.

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