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Sideshow to create World of Warcraft Licensed Collectibles

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

World of Warcraft

Thousand Oaks, CA (January 18, 2007)- High-end collectible manufacturer Sideshow Collectibles has joined forces with leading game developer Blizzard Entertainment® to produce a ground breaking new line of licensed high-end collectible polystone figures and dioramas. The original sculptures will be based on the world’s leading subscription-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game: World of Warcraft®, and its highly anticipated expansion World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade™.Developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment®, World of Warcraft is an award-winning, subscription-based, massively multiplayer online game played by more than 8 million gamers around the globe. World of Warcraft’s vivid universe is populated by cunning gnomes, mystical night elves, and other fantasy races seeking and vying for treasure, power and glory. The game’s many monsters, villains, heroes and their earth-shattering conflicts will be captured in a line of high-end statues and stunning dioramas produced by the talented artistic team at Sideshow Collectibles.”Most of us at Sideshow play World of Warcraft and are big fans of Blizzard and the vast universe they’ve created,” indicated Sideshow’s Creative Director Tom Gilliland. “The opportunity to translate interactive media into high quality 3D products is an exciting challenge for us. While we are very well accustomed to recreating reality from films, the challenge of recreating the style of a game universe presents a new vista for us creatively. With the exciting new content coming into the World of Warcraft universe through The Burning Crusade expansion, we have an opportunity to explore characters and races that are fresh to both us and World of Warcraft fans, while still also focusing on the classic races.”

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About Sideshow Collectibles
Since its inception in 1994, Sideshow Collectibles has been a specialty manufacturer of licensed and proprietary collectible products that reflect a passion toward creating unique, highly sought after figure collectibles, as well as film prop replicas and fine art collectibles. The Sideshow artisans are renowned sculptors, experienced model makers, painters and costumers, whose collaborative efforts result in intricately detailed likenesses of popular characters, including film and television monsters, villains, heroes and mystical creatures of fantasy, as well as legendary figures from history. Sideshow artisans have regularly distinguished themselves for their ability to achieve a level of authenticity seldom seen in the figure collectible arena.
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About Blizzard
Best known for blockbuster hits including World of Warcraft and the Warcraft® , StarCraft®, and Diablo® series, Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. (, a division of Vivendi Games, is a premier developer and publisher of entertainment software renowned for creating many of the industry’s most critically acclaimed games. Blizzard’s track record includes nine #1-selling games and multiple Game of the Year awards. The company’s free Internet gaming service,®, reigns as the largest in the world, with millions of active users.

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