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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A unique review by artist Adam Hughes

Sideshow Collectibles’ 1/6 scale Jabba the Hutt is loose, and may be coming soon to a neighborhood near you. His High Exaltedness, the supreme J.T.H. is shipping, and he and his regal throne can soon be the centerpiece of any 1/6 scale aficionado’s collection.

First off, clear off some shelf space, buy a new coffee table, throw away your cat! Jabba’s throne measures in impressive 27 inches by 17 inches by 13 inches; it’s not going to go easily onto that knick-knack shelf with all your figures standing around in that “waiting for the bus” diorama we all get once the toys start piling up. Mighty Jabba’s barcalounger will require dedicated space. Or a home improvement loan. Once His Immenseness is seated there, he’s 16 inches tall!

Jabba Review

Now, some folks quibble, bicker, and complain because Sideshow isn’t producing all the A-List characters as 1/6 figures right away. To each his own. The concept of doing STAR WARS environments is a great one, in my opinion. Having a major prop or setting in which to set your figures as the come out is half the fun! Sideshow seems to be leaning a little on the RETURN OF THE JEDI end of the spectrum when it comes to Original Trilogy figures, and that just gives Jabba’s throne environment more and more playability. Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker and Bib Fortuna can really add to the fun, as will Leia in Boussh gear, coming soon! If Sideshow cooks up a skiff guard Lando and slave Leia someday soon, it’ll be like a 1/6 scale party…. And you’re invited!

BTW, If you take the jacket and gunbelt off your Bespin Han Solo, he’s a perfect carbon sickness Correllian to go with this set. Didn’t think of that, didja? That’s why I’M writing this review, and you’re sitting there up to your elbows in CHEET-OHs and porn.

Jabba Review

So, Jabba and his EZ Boy recliner are great for your collection, but do they stand up on their own? Absotutely!

This is one the BEST-looking Jabba toys yet. If you’re like me, you’ve spent the last several years looking at the ATTACKUS Jabba statue from France thinking “WOW…. It’s in the 1/6 scale ballpark…… junior doesn’t NEED braces this year….. I could afford it…” Sideshow has solved our dilemma with a Jabba that looks great, like he slithered right off the screen and onto your hutch.

The sculpt on this one is A++. When even the guys at ILM digital are sometimes confounded by Jabba’s fabulous profile, you have to marvel at just how brilliant original Jabba sculptor Stuart Freeborn was. Well, the boys down at the Sideshow Likeness Lab stepped up to the plate and did a Man’s Job. From every angle, Jabba looks almost exactly like he did in RETURN OF THE JEDI.

Jabba Review

The paint job is also top-notch. Jabba’s coloring can be elusive to any crafters because how he looked in person can be vastly different than he did on-screen. I never knew Luke was wearing a BROWN Jedi robe in the film until I saw the actual costume on exhibit at a Lucasfilm museum exhibit; he was always shot under a cool blue light when wearing it in JEDI. I thought it was gray.

Jabba’s the same! His elusive paint and color scheme has always been subject to the moody underworld lighting of his Western Dune Sea condo. Sideshow’s Jabba looks just like the real thing. Maybe some more drool and slobber. But that’s why God invented Vaseline!

Articulation? Not much, but neither did the REAL Jabba (until the Special Editions, wherein Jabba learned how to slide like Gumby). Sideshow Jabba’s arms move up-and- down, and that’s pretty much IT. But that’s OK. Everything else revolves AROUND Jabba. Move your other toys more.

Jabba Review

His throne! What a nice piece of work. A fabulous rock texture makes you wonder just how much it’ll weigh when you pick it up. The railing and hookah are very stylish, and capture the feel of the film prop nicely, especially the clear froggy snack decanter…

The little cyclop gargoyles jutting out from the throne are handled nicely, with an excellent patina of aged bronze. The pillows looks so comfy, I almost sat on one. The plate of food makes Jabba look like he’s on Jenny Craig, though. A fun project for the 1/6 scale customizer would be to make Jabba’s roasting spit behind him, and then cook some of those Olsen Twin dolls that wouldn’t leave TRU for what seemed like YEARS.

The only weird part about Jabba’s throne… what’s that DRAIN for, in the middle,
right were Jabba sits?

Jabba Review

Jabba Review

About the Writer — Adam Hughes wants to tell you now, each and every mother’s son, you better learn it fast, you better learn it young: he did NOT Photoshop pictures of toys into framegrabs of RETURN OF THE JEDI for this review. He built a set, and lit it like the film. He contracted instant cancer smoking way too many cigars to get the smoke effects. He burned his hand with a high temperature hot glue gun, a wound which, much like Frodo’s at Weathertop, seems likely to never fully heal and will be carried the rest of his life. He suffered for this review. Also, the slave Leia in the review is NOT FROM SIDESHOW. It’s a custom figure. So don’t start barraging Sideshow with questions and/or complaints. And YEAH, he’s “that” Adam Hughes, for the comic people reading this.

Please Note: To create these clever photo dioramas, Adam has made use of many of his personal, custom 1:6th scale Star Wars figures. Their use is in no way indicative of future Sideshow releases, but instead meant to illustrate the many creative ways that you can set up your Jabba and Throne environment with different creatures and characters from the Star Wars universe.

The comments offered in this presentation in no way represent the views or opinions of Sideshow or Lucasfilm.

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