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Sideshow Collectibles To Distribute Clampett Studio Collections

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Exclusive Print To Launch New Relationship With High-End Print Collectibles Manufacturer

Thousand Oaks, California (July, 2007) – Sideshow Collectibles is proud to announce a new distribution relationship with Clampett Studio Collections. Sideshow will expand its range of high-end print collectibles with the paper gicleé and canvas print collectibles from Clampett, including characters from Harry Potter and DC Comics. Clampett carefully selects masterworks from the most famed artists of today, with pieces ranging from Alex Ross’s work on Justice League to Mary GrandPre’s whimsical Harry Potter illustrations.

To celebrate the forging of this new relationship, Clampett has granted Sideshow exclusive first opportunity rights to distribute an incredible piece created by famed artist Jim Lee. This original artwork features the characters Batman and Robin, tentatively titled Gotham’s Crusaders, which will be available in both gicleé and canvas editions, priced at $450.00 and $875.00, and limited to edition sizes of 250 and 100 pieces respectively. The print will be available exclusively from Sideshow for a period of 45 days.


About Clampett Studio Collections

Clampett Studio Collections was created in response to the closing of the Warner Bros. Studio Stores as a way to continue the animation art business with such notable properties as Looney Tunes, Hanna Barbera, DC Comics and Harry Potter. Our company was awarded the Gallery License from Warner Bros. Consumer Products in late July of 2001, and our business officially opened in early September of that same year. This and other information is available on the Internet at

About Sideshow Collectibles

Since its inception in 1994, Sideshow Collectibles has been a specialty manufacturer of licensed and proprietary collectible products. With Sideshow’s dedication to accuracy and artistry, these products reflect a passion for creating unique, highly sought after figure collectibles, as well as film prop replicas and fine art pieces. Sideshow artisans are renowned sculptors, experienced model makers, painters and costumers whose combined efforts result in the creation of outstanding original designs and intricately detailed likenesses of pop culture icons, including film and television monsters, villains, heroes, mystical creatures of fantasy, and legendary figures from history. With offices located in Thousand Oaks, California, Sideshow products are available online at and through select specialty retailers worldwide.


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