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Help Wanted: Movie Synopsis

Thursday, August 20, 2009

There is fresh meat at Sideshow Collectibles. Taking position as assistant to Production Manager, Scott Klauder, enthusiastic new recruit Allison Volk comes aboard the selective staff. However, she quickly finds her job demands no ordinary set of tasks. With the Halloween season approaching, challenges mount to a matter of survival as Sideshow is cast under a wave of unusually horrific supernatural circumstances. Allison’s fate, and the fate of the entire company rest on the shoulders of Sideshow’s best, Adam Ostegard and Scott Klauder, and Allison finds out what “Help Wanted” at Sideshow really entails.

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  • Regis Steedle III

    I like the help wanted sign ! I want a job with sideshow’s team, I will do anything ! There is only 1 problem, I might as well just have you make the pay check out to Sideshow Collectibles !!! I wish I could be part of such a spectacular venture / team as Sideshow Collectibles. Is there any sales or any other positions open with Sideshow? Thanks and keep making collectible history!

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