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Are you a Marine, an Alien, or a Predator?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It’s a harsh universe out there. So many species to kill, so little time. In the meantime, one also has to stay alive in this galactic battleground. There you are, thrust into this interstellar conflict, and it’s not pretty. But who are you exactly? What characteristics are going to keep you from being part of the ecosystem as fertilizer?

Take this test and find out where your true place is: among the human Marine soldiers, the brood of Aliens, or the fierce Predators.

Question 1:

First of all, let's ask a simple question. We know you have to kill, but what is the reason? Why do you kill?
  • For the sport
  • It's your duty
  • So I can lay my eggs in the warm corpses of the fallen which will then be used as nutrients for my spawn

Question 2:

What is your battle cry?
  • Oo-rah!
  • Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech!
  • Hissssssssssssssssssssssssss

Question 3:

What are your preferred battle tactics to defeat your enemies?
  • Stealth and close range attacks
  • Camouflage and high tech weaponry
  • Adapting to the enemy's strategy and using their weaknesses against them

Question 4:

How do you feel about teamwork?
  • I prefer to work alone
  • I can take it or leave it
  • It is what I am trained for

Question 5:

What kind of weapons do you like to use?
  • Anything that is available
  • Custom equipment
  • I have no need for your puny weapons

Question 6:

If you could choose one of these pieces of equipment, which would you take to the battle?
  • Medical kit
  • Targeting computer
  • I don't need your measly equipment either

Question 7:

How do you feel about other species?
  • They must prove themselves worthy to be accepted as equals
  • They are useless vermin that should be eliminated
  • As long as they don't try to kill me, it's all good

Question 8:

Your teammate is wounded, how do you react?
  • I terminate his life so he may die with honor
  • I try to bandage his wounds and protect him
  • I use its body for biological fuel

Question 9:

You come across a species you have never encountered before. What do you do?
  • Try to initiate communication
  • Observe and study them meticulously
  • Eliminate them just like all the others

Question 10:

You come home after a long day of battle to rest. How do you relax?
  • Have a relaxing meal with my comrades
  • Rearrange my war display of alien body parts
  • Sit upon my brood of eggs warming them

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