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How many minutes would you survive in a horror movie?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On the edge of your seat you clutch the arm rest, or perhaps the arm of the person next to you. The hero is about to open the door. “Don’t go in there!” you shout. But your warning goes unheeded. The intrepid protagonist opens the door and hell is unleashed.

So, you think you know what to do if you were in a horror film? How good are your decision making skills when faced with the supernatural horrors of the deep? Let’s find out, shall we? Take this quiz and we will tell you (in our awesomely educated opinion) how long you would last. Can you make it until the end credits? Will you be back for the sequel? Enter our house of doom.

Question 1:

Opening scene: You and your four friends, Elizabeth, Danny, Jen, and Seth arrive in your non-descript car at a broken down house in the middle of nowhere. You're lost, nearly out of gas, it's raining, and everyone is clamoring for you to stop for the night. You get out of the car and stare up at the gloomy two-story, rain soaking your shirt, and look back at your friends in the car. What do you do first?
  • Check out the mailbox
  • Scout around the back and side yards for threats
  • Walk straight up to the front door and open it

Question 2:

You eventually enter the house together. You find that there is no power, of course. What's your next step?
  • Look for the circuit breaker in the basement
  • Go back to the car for a flashlight
  • Create a makeshift torch from household items

Question 3:

Jen decides she needs to go to the bathroom and makes fun of all of you for being scared. She says she will be right back and goes upstairs assuming there is one up there. After a few moments, you hear a scream and then something like horrible, horrible, death. What should you do?
  • Run up to the bathroom immediately
  • Stay in the living room like a chicken and huddle with your companions
  • Search for a weapon

Question 4:

Well, Jen is dead at the hands of something horrible. The consensus among the survivors is to find a weapon. A search comes up with the following, which do you take?
  • A revolver
  • A stun gun
  • An axe

Question 5:

And now it’s time for the inevitable splitting up, so the monster(s) can kill you off more easily. I’m sure your group came up with some awful rationale to do this, and you’re stuck with it now. So, who would you choose? Elizabeth, the hot babe, Seth, the skinny nerd, or Danny, the dumb jock?
  • Babe
  • Nerd
  • Jock

Question 6:

Well, great job hero, Danny is dead. I’m not saying it was your fault but it totally was. Anyway, after Danny’s scream the rest of you run down the hallway to your first encounter with the monster. It’s got seven heads, sixteen tentacles, and human blood covers its rows of horrendous sharp teeth. What is your first reaction?
  • Scream
  • Run
  • Fight

Question 7:

After your confrontation with the monster, you find yourself alone. You hear another scream and horrible crunching death. You think it was Seth; he screams like a girl. Well, he did, anyway. What is your next step?
  • Go to the car and drive away
  • Try to call someone on your cell
  • Form a battle plan

Question 8:

Luckily, you find Elizabeth alive, though with much less clothing than before. How did that happen? No matter, it’s you and her against the monster thing. She says she’s found something in a back room: huge slimy eggs in a nest. Dozens of them. She looks at you and you both realize: you could have omelets for weeks! No, seriously, you realize that the monster has spawned and there’s no telling when those gooey things will hatch. What do you do?
  • Attack the monster
  • Attack the eggs
  • Set a trap

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