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Hot Toys’ Terminator Figures Assembling Soon!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hot Toys is very excited to send along the first glimpse of their long developed secret project – the 1:4 Scale Endoskeleton Collectible from The Terminator movie! The prototype is ready now and will go into mass production soon! This brand new Endoskeleton will include electroplated armor, some metal parts, and more! Plus, check out a tease for the upcoming The Terminator T-800 1:4 Scale Collectible Figure! Both 1/4 Scale Terminator pieces will be available for Pre-Order through SideshowCollectibles.com, so keep a close watch on our site and newsletter for ordering updates!

Endo 1/4 Scale tease

Endo 1/4 Scale teaseEndo 1/4 Scale tease

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  • Jason Legate

    I am a huge Terminator fan and so glad to have another chance to get in on the Hot Toys terminator line!

  • Adilson Martir

    I can’t describe in words how much of a Terminator fan i am… i got to be honest that i just found out about Hot Toys/sideshow collectibles in december 2012.. i was completely blown away when i first saw that companys like Sideshow and Hot toys also are fans of the Terminator and are creating this Awesome merchandise for the Terminator line!!!! My first Hot Toy EVER is my o so proud T-800 DX10 that i got in December.. and now added this month are the MMS119 and 129 ( T-1000 and Sarah Connor) Im soooo glad you keep creating such cool stuff for the Terminator line!! Keep up the good work..!!! I got to get my hands on this.. I hope SOON!!!

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