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Toy Maniac Reviews our G.I. Joe Rock n’ Roll Sixth Scale Figure Exclusive Edition

Friday, April 6, 2012

Review By Toy Maniac Robert T. Trate

Who didn’t have a ton of G.I. Joe figures growing up? As a child of the eighties, I made the gradual transition from Star Wars to G.I. Joe as one became more available than the other. The Trilogy was over, but G.I. Joe had a weekly cartoon series. I had everything, even the USS FLAGG. It was when I started to notice girls more than G.I. Joe that they got left behind. I sold many of them, including the FLAGG, on eBay. I regret it now. Yet with a new movie coming this summer and a ton of new toys from Hasbro on the way (see Toy Fair coverage), I know I’ll pick up a few here and there. I was too young for the 12-inch “classic” G.I. Joes. As I mentioned before, I started on Star Wars figures. I never knew the joys of the 12-inch G.I. Joe doll. When Sideshow Collectibles hit me up with a new Rock ‘n’ Roll Sixth Scale Figure, I figured this would be my best (if not only) chance to own a 12-inch G.I. Joe.

Read the rest of Robert’s review, where he includes an overview on the packaging, figure articulation, accessories list, and tons of great photos on Mania.com!

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