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Welcome to the Man Cave – Retirees Return to their Hobbies of Youth

Friday, April 20, 2012

From the Los Angeles Times —

Outnumbered by the women at an Irvine senior living center, men rediscover the joy of model making that has been dormant since they were young. Along with trains and planes, they build fellowship.

In a room on the second floor of the Atria Woodbridge senior living community in Irvine model airplanes dangle from the ceiling, work tables line the walls, and a sign reading Boys Will Be Boys hangs outside the door. Al Ladine has created one spot where the guys run the show. Welcome to the Man Cave.

“There are too many people sitting around and doing nothing,” Ladine said. “We’re trying to get them a little more active, give them a little bit to look forward to each day.”

The 83-year-old engineering physicist, who once designed missile defense systems, fills his days with something much simpler, but just as fulfilling. With the help of the community’s staff, he has built a laboratory for senior citizens to put their minds and hands to work.

In the Man Cave, there are no deadlines and every project is a team effort.

“When they’re working and busy, they forget about their problems, and I think that’s healthy,” Ladine said. “We take one step forward and three steps back, but we still keep moving forward.”

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