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Hulk Will Be Smashing In Soon!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hot Toys Hulk Sixth Scale Figure will be smashing in for Pre-Order through SideshowCollectibles.com soon, so keep your eyes on upcoming Sideshow Newsletters and site for news.

Hulk Scale tease

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  • http://www.facebook.com Alton E.Moore II

    Good job hot toys, I hope he comes with another set of hands.

  • http://SS Alex R.

    Wow, that is awesome but I wonder how much is it gonna be. I really dont know where am I going to get money from anymore??????????????????????????????????
    Ohhh I know!!!!!! The Bank!!!!!

  • Neal Anderson

    I am so loving the hulk Mark Ruffalo version is awesome and loved the hulk in the avengers movie best hulk yet I loved how he did a cartoon beat down on Loki ,lol that should be a scene to make or sculpt or maybe a rag doll Loki with an automated hulk pounding him from one side to the other Then say Puny God, lol

  • Pierre Delhaye

    I really need to buy the entire collection :o

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