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Hot Toys’ Expendable 2 Coming Soon!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hot Toys is very happy to let collectors know that Expendables 2 collectibles are on the way, including an all new Barney Ross Sixth Scale Figure! Keep an eye on SideshowCollectibles.com for updates on when Pre-Orders for these action-packed figures will begin!

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  • Barney Ross Sixth Scale Figure
  • T. Ho

    Aww..come Hottoys…stop “spamming” & releasing your one-of-a-kinds…give us Christmas(J.Statham) or Tool(M.Rourke)! shessh…just making us collectors frustrated… :-p

  • http://N/A Jason

    PLEASE tell me we will get a Chuck Norris figure out of this line!

  • http://N/A Jason

    TOTALLY Agree wiht T.Ho. I too am tired of recycling the SAME characters! We DO NOT NEED ANOTHER Barney Ross figure! Give us some NEW characters from the movies!!!

  • Mike

    Totally agree with you guys, what was fun is to know that your HT figures will go up in value, now with all the re-release, price goes down, that’s sad and a bad idea. Van Damme will be cool to see ! My teen era hero! ; )

  • paulchilton ak chilli

    hi guys ive just orderd j stratham ak lee xmas a few days ago the company who makes it is called art figures and it only cost me 76 pounds half the price of hot toys i think there could be a lesson learned from this as i paid twice this for barny Ross so lets hope they bring out the others at the same price chilli

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