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The Amazing Spider-Man Swinging In Soon!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hot Toys’ The Amazing Spider-Man Sixth Scale Figure will be available for Pre-Order through SideshowCollectibles.com in the near future. Keep an eye on upcoming Sideshow Newsletters for more information! In the meantime, check out the preview of this The Amazing Spider-Man hero below!

Spider-Man Product Photo

  • Stephen

    I’m not a fanboy purist. I can accept that all the super hero characters routinely get new suits, and I don’t get bent out of shape because Superman’s “S” is a too dark shade of yellow or whatever. In fact, I have never been bothered by any of the recent (past decade or so) superhero comic appropriate attire, or lack thereof (X-Men). That said, I just find this suit very ugly. Would much rather Hot Toys could get the rights and make an original goblin from the first Raimi film rather than another Spider-Man so soon after their last, especially this version.

  • Bradley Valentine

    I love, love LOVE the new look. It did take a bit to adjust. Seeing it in action is what sold me. Fans will always have Raimi. I love that movies are as free has different comic books to experiment on the common heroes with different interpretations. I don’t know why “purists” have to have just one flavor. It’s anti creative.

  • angel correa

    Hey isn’t this Spiderman suppose to be super skinny? What’s up with the man boobs? lol

  • Shortbus164

    I’m with Stephen. I LOVE Spidey. Its who got me “Hooked on Comics” (pre-”Hooked on Phonics” ref, there, LOL)! But I’m kinda gettin tired of dropping $200 on a new costume to keep my sixth scale line collection growing. Some key villains would be my personal preference. Original Green goblin would be awesome! Venom would be nice if it was geared more toward the massive McFarlane-era adaptation, and no the movie version… I’ll keep my Medicom Venom if that’s the case. A Doctor Octopus would be really awesome! The Lizard would be pretty cool too! Too bad you guys can’t/won’t spin off the statues you’ve done and do characters in sixth scale. RHINO would be my first choice, then a comic-version of Green Goblin! Even a Hobgoblin would make it to my shelves if it were made! Enough with the remakes though… you killed me on the Iron man line. Great stuff nonetheless. new stuff, PLEASE!?

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