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A Bounty Hunter From A Galaxy Far, Far, Away…

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Get a glimpse of one of the next Star Wars Mythos Statues coming soon from Sideshow Collectibles!

Boba Fett Mythos Statue Tease PhotoBoba Fett Mythos Statue Tease PhotoBoba Fett Mythos Statue Tease Photo

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  • Boba Fett - Mythos Polystone Statue
  • Eric

    A Must Have. This line i s fantastic.

  • Robb B.

    Loving the cloak and “skirt” … gives him a real Roman Centurian kind of look. The knife on his calf is also bad-a$$. This looks terrific!

  • Bnutthehut

    When can we preorder this?

  • Jack Burton

    Very very cool. Best line of Star Wars figures Sideshow has produced.

  • Jason

    It will look awesome if you get rid of the M60 machine gun based rifle on his back. There’s too much of the real gun that’s recognizable. At least for me it immediately draws my eyes to it as a flaw.

  • Lee

    Mythos or not what a great re-imagination of the character.

  • Ralphie

    Actually looks beautiful.The ICE Flavored/Colour costume makes me think he’s on HOTH.And what a great barrage of Weapons.Super cold.

  • Giambi

    How much s#%t is he gonna carry? Really? Do ya think he’s componsating for something(in Shrek voice). Yeah, he is a total bad ass! Gonna order him.

  • Luis Huertas

    WOW, LOOKS FANTASTIC.. 1/5 scale same darth maul?
    darth maul its sick to

  • Jedi Kai Bong

    Interesting gears, especially the weapons, hinting surviving in a period post Clone Wars and early Empire period, with modified Clone Trooper rifle and also carries a real life gun similar to real WWII German heavy machine gun adopted by Stormtrooper.

  • Jerry

    The long rifles gotta go. That’s lazy on the sculptor. That’s a modern day M-60 with another gun piece attached to it and the Clone rifle with a suppresor onto of a silencer with a barrel on top of a suppresor..etc etc, looks dumb. Other than that it looks cool.

  • Hunter

    Fantastic statue, I love the pose and I think the weapons give off the idea he’s on the hunt, a long range rifle, his own blaster and the one over his shoulder could be one he took off an enemy.

    Hopefully we see Vader soon, I’m loving this line.

  • andre

    Jerry’s on to something there, that boom stick seriously diminishes the rest of the sculpt. Chop it by a third, even a half and the focus will be back on Fett where it belongs.

  • Master Chinto

    I really like the new Mythos line, and this interpretation of Boba Fett is quite nice. But I do agree with my fellow Sideshow aficionados: the overabundance of rifles, “real-world” M-60 at the back, and the CANON he is holding upright is a bit much for me. If you want to do something different and “mythic” (get it?…MYTHOS), then I would suggest a weapon that melds his well-known EE-3 blaster to that of a Clone Wars era blaster rifle – something in between that exemplifies the transition in time periods…just a thought.

  • Craig

    The huge guns diminish the sculpt which is otherwise great. How about him holding his sidearm (the Technisub speargun from ESB)? That gun never gets shown and it looks slick.

  • Jerry

    Boba Fett always seem to me like he would chop down his weapons to make them more compact and deadly. He seems like a CQB type of hunter. Maybe he has a sniper rifle, but he would look cool with small to medium sized chopped blasters.

  • Nick

    Looks amazing, but that rifle is way too big. It needs to be cut down to a reasonable and realistic size. What would also be cool is if he came with a different right hand without his signature blaster,a hand that would be just resting on his leg.

  • Darth Snoopy

    Boba is looking FANTASTIC! This SW line is gonna be AWESOME!

  •поселок_forest_village.html Поселок Forest Village, участки Forest Village

    really loved the article added to my favourites

  • andre

    REALLY hoping that rifle is a switch out accessory. Loving this piece, otherwise.

  • JReiher

    Im sorry but love the sniper rifle. I agree he should have his other hand on a mag clip or just resting. a gun that big will need two hands. but love the SIZE. dont change the size!

  • JReiher

    also, he looks too short. I think you should stretch him out a tad. make him look taller and leaner.

  • andre

    It’s Marvin the Martian’s rifle, not Boba Fett’s, and this is why it needs to be a switch-out accessory.

  • Brad

    Oh man!! Way to go Sideshow. I can’t wait to add something
    different to my Boba collection. From what I’ve seen thus-far I hope this line has a long happy life as the designs are almost endless. Great stuff.

  • http://Sideshow Chato

    Yes, I agree that rifle has to be a tad shorter. Other than that, This Fett piece is AWSOME.

  • Luke

    I think the huge sniper rifle looks awesome. I can’t believe all the hate. But to make it seem more realistic, the strap should be around his shoulder. It would take one strong man to hold a gun upright like that with no other support. I’ll defintely be picking this guy up, though.

  • dc

    As a sculptor I have to say that in it’s current state the right leg at the knee and calf area is off. The scale is not right and the leg appears twisted and stunted especially on the inner part of the leg. (Due to how the fabric would fold and bend in that area.) Overall the bottom torso is too short. Also what is going on with the “skirt” area on the left leg? Is that one of his pant pouches showing from underneath? If so then that is WAY off. Fabric would only show relief like that if soaking wet or if he was in a strong which case the rest of the cloth would appear to be blowing or billowing, which it’s not. As a personal opinion I don’t mind the “Sniper Rifle” or it’s size, but it would have more impact by giving it a flow into the base if he were holding it like a spear with the butt of the weapon on the ground. Speaking of the Base I hope something interesting is done with that (Bantha skull in a corner maybe?) instead of just some boring old stones. Overall the upper torso is looking great and in it’s current state I would def. buy this as a mini-bust.

  • rob

    this is very cool it will go right beside my 1980′s boba fett figure a must buy


    I understand the criticism regarding the rifle. Interchangeability with something else would be nice. How about the Verpine Sniper rifle from the Republic Commando series. ;)

  • Camo Haitchman

    That sniper rifle is just fine by me. It looks incredibly badass and is obviously bigger than everyone elses. .50 cal anyone?

  • Ash

    If you ever want to send me a gift sideshow please remember me here ; ) I want me one of these as a gift… cool

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