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A Hot Toys Sneak Peek Has Flown In!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hot Toys’ has sent along a sneak peek of an upcoming collectible! Think you might know what it is? Remember to keep an eye on SideshowCollectibles.com for more updates about this mysterious collectible that will be available for Pre-Order in the near future!

Vehicle Product Photo

  • Bachar Al-alami

    Looks like Batmans new hover craft item from the “Dark Knight Rises” To me that is. Looks Cool!

  • Ralphie

    Hey Batman,looks like they are putting together a F-117 Stealth Bat Copter.That be Cool.

  • http://Sideshow Chato

    It has to be the BAT-PLANE. The Dark Knight Rises version.

  • rafael

    Indeed it is, is the copter from the new movie. But what I want to know is if hot toys will be releasing the elusive sonar batman as a 2.0 if they are releasing the tumbler and batpod can you give us the batman aswell ? I miss it the 1st time around not this time. Also I would like to ask hot toys if they will be making any toys on the frank miller s dark knight I would love to see your detail figures of such licence .

  • LegendsOfBatman

    It’s the “Bat-wing”. Just as the Batpod was formed from the Tumbler, so the Batwing is formed from the Tumbler.
    It would be cool to own a Hot Toy Batwing, but, unlike the comic character using my name, I am not a multi-billionaire and will not be able to afford a $500 Hot Toys replica toy.
    Now, if SideShow is giving one away, well, my birthday just passed, and it was a sad one, so, I will be happy to accept one as a freebie. ^v^

  • Jezzyman

    I’m totally buying this I got the tumbler, the bat pod, and now the bat wing can’t wait for the release of this

  • antonio

    Increible trabajo los felicito!!! no veo la hora de tenerlo!!!

  • http://sideshow verne glassman

    It’s the Bat from Dark Knight Rises and I am breathless as to what the actual size will be and more than just a little in awe as to what the price will also be. It makes the tumbler look like a little kid’s toy in size. I would like to know so I can start adding that new room onto the house asap.

  • John

    Do we have an ETA on The Bat yet?

  • Tillman Smoot

    Any further details on The Bat? I sure it will be pricey and huge, but I must have it! If you could give us some technical specs on size and such, the would be helpful. I am about to begin looking at display cases and want to make sure I get one that The Bat will fit into.

  • Montel

    This will definitely be the centerpiece of my vehicle collection. Should go along very nicely with my 6th scale Tumbler, 1989 Batmobile, and Batpod. I can’t wait for this to finally become available. I am anxiously awaiting it’s release.

  • http://www.defiantmodelcreations.com/ User897

    So where the heck is the Bat? Development hell? I hope not! This is gonna be insanely expensive!

  • John

    From a blogpost on toyhaven.blogspot.com: “Hot Toys will NOT be producing the 1/6th scale “The Bat” due to the sheer size and complexity of the project. A 1/12th version might see the light of day, but don’t expect the 1/6th scale version to happen.”

  • http://n/a cruz Zamarron

    so- are they going to make it? how about the 1966 batmobile…

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