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Hot Toys’ Robocop Reporting For Duty Soon!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hot Toys’ Robocop Sixth Scale Figure Will be available for Pre-Order through SideshowCollectibles.com in the future! Get a tiny peek at this half man/half machine crime-fighter below!

Robocop PhotoRobocop Photo

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  • GK

    This probably will be my first Hot Toys figure

  • Jesse

    Definitely not passing up on this one! missed getting it the first time around

  • Charles Lewin

    If its as good as the 1989 batman and joker. I will definitely be getting it. Can’t wait to see more.

  • JC

    sweeet, definitely waiting on this one. Would be a bonus if the helmet could be removed and they had the rights for Peter Weller’s likeness. One can only hope.

  • jack

    I need one !
    Can we expect a ED 209 , and Cain too ?

  • Daniel

    Hurry up !

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