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Look What’s Marched In!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

If you’ve ever wondered what differentiates high-end collectibles from all the rest, check out the details we’ve worked into this amazing costume. Each item is carefully washed with the tears of our miniature tailors*.

Look for more revealing images of our new Star Wars Snowtrooper in the weeks to come. Make sure you’re signed up to receive our updates!

*Disclaimer – Sideshow Collectibles does not employ miniature tailors, but we do make our full-sized costumers cry on occasion.

Trooper Tease Photo

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  • Snowtrooper Sixth Scale Figure
  • Snowtrooper Sixth Scale Figure
  • Shaggynick

    Can’t wait to see more pictures of this one! Keep up the good work Sideshow!

  • LOTR

    BORING!! Bring on some LOTR maquettes…

  • barryo

    ba-ring it on !!!!!!!

  • Cary

    That just sent chills up my spine. Can’t wait for more images.

  • frank

    Finally! Dengar next please!

  • Kash

    What the Hoth? It’s about fraking time!!! Let’s get it Sideshow!

  • Kevin

    SWEET!!! Finaly. Now time for a Scout Trooper 12 inch

  • David Montanez

    Yes!!!!!! I have been waiting for this figure….where do i pre order this puppy.

  • andre

    Great googly moogly, FINALLY!!! Hoth Han, next, PLEASE?!?!

  • Darth Waller

    Ice to finally see Sideshow visiting Hoth. (Bad joke, I know)

  • User897

    I thought there was a tremor in the Force, turns out it was my wallet passing away. It was already on life support! Can’t wait to see more!

  • Hunter

    Can’t wait to see more, should be a stunning piece, and I second andre’s call for a PF of Hoth Han.

  • Torgon

    Wow, a snowtropper! Looks pretty cool. Hope to see more soon (meaning, someone to fight).

  • rydel

    Awesome….can’t wait to see all of it.

  • Brack Daddy

    Please be Premium Format.

  • Tobias G.

    I absolutely love your miniature tailors! The detail you put into all of your items is nothing short of extraordinary! I really can’t wait to get my hands on the snow trooper, my 12 year old self is so very jealous of these new toys!!!

  • Joe Bagioudonicz

    C’mon Sideshow! Is this 1:6 or PF? I am betting on heartbreak with PF.

  • Darth Impulsive

    YES!!! Finally!

  • Jedi Jim

    Yes, 1/6 or Premium format. Brrrrrrinnnng it on, I hope my wallet isn’t frozen shut. My wife is making me pay dearly, toys for shoes.

  • Ralphie

    Hoth.. I’ve got chills already.

  • fettclone

    I am very happy to see more imperials instead of clones. However I hope the preorder does not vanish like General Grievous. Sideshow teased us with Grievous a year ago and now no word if we will ever be able to order him.

  • Darrell

    I hope we get an E-web cannon to go with it!!

  • Darthtemply

    Cannot wait for more images. MUST HAVE IF ITS REALLY COOL. now all we need is a AT-At driver and a hoth rebel like major Bren Derlin. or just throw in a Wampa. either way great job sideshow, keep up the OT

  • Linebird

    1/6 Hoth Han with tauntaun would be awesome!

  • Glennfett

    AWESOME sideshow!!!
    Well done.this looks amazing and the detail is superb!!
    Our first steps into the Hoth world begin NOW!!!!

  • crimson guard

    Awesome Sideshow, more pics! more pics please?

  • Xavier

    Wow! I’ve been waiting for a very long time to see a Snowtrooper! Really hoping to see this guy in the sixth scale! I think that would be amazing! So far the detail looks amazing as always!!! Great job!

  • Tamer

    Sweet! I agree about the only thing that will be better than this is an AT-AT Driver, but I am not complaining one bit! Can’t wait to see more images.

  • Jason

    I agree with Kevin. It’s awesome, but I WANT A 1/6 SCOUT TROOPER!

  • sean

    These teaser pictures always kill me. I’m very happy but cannot wait to see more images. Always loved the look of the Snowtrooper.

  • Anibal

    Yupie! A Snowtrooper! 1/6 please! I feel like a kid again!

  • shebagc1

    I need this trooper in 1/6…yeah, and a scout trooper would be nice too.

  • Tony

    Looking good, hopefully a Premium Format version will follow soon.

  • Jamie

    It seems really detailed so far so i bet the finished product is something special. either format is fine be me. i’ll have to sell myself again to buy more sideshow LOL!

  • stapes

    All troops will debark for ground assault

  • angel correa

    BOUT time dayum! Yes! i do hope this is a 12 inch scale figure. And does this mean i can stop posting when you are doing a biker scout figure? Geez some of us aren’t living forever you know. Thanks for an awesome job so far guys!

  • Darthtemply

    Judging by the looks of it, it is probably PF. not sure yet until I see more pics.

  • Darthtemply says it is a 6 scale figure.

  • astro666

    So cool, can’t wait to see the full reveal. Snowtroopers rocked the OT.

  • Bruno

    Guys, it’s a pf, not 1/6

  • Ben

    Sideshow thank you for finally making a Hoth figure.

    Sideshow-Don’t listen to LOTR, b/c they obviously have NOT seen your Dark Rider of Mordor-Sideshow Exclusive Edition-
    Premium Format Figure that you released last week.

  • Brad

    WOOO!! HOOO!!! Man I can’t wait for this one. Great choice SS I am getting cloned out I’m Jonesing for more OT troopers. Snowtrooper, Scout Trooper and a Tie Pilot would be wicked awesome man. Keep up the great work Sideshow.

  • Tim Peterson

    Prefer PF, but will still buy in 1/6th

  • andre

    It’s 1/6th scale. Check

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