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‘Prometheus’ Collectibles From Hot Toys Coming Soon!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hot Toys recently announced that they will be creating collectibles from the much talked about film Prometheus! Be sure to keep you eyes on the Sideshow Collectibles newsletter for updates on when these figures will be available to Pre-Order!

Prometheus Tease Photo

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  • Jason

    Space jockey anyone?

  • John Messeder

    I LOVED the movie, most amazing movie experience, IMAX 3-D had a part in that, of my life. I will be picking these up for sure!

  • mattedscreen

    aww darn… Im never going to be able to afford food if they keep making amazing toys

  • Noah

    I want these.

  • http://www.prometheus-movie.com abordoli

    Where do I sign-up to the “Sideshow Collectibles newsletter” in order to receive “updates on when these figures will be available to Pre-Order!”?

  • http://www.prometheus-movie.com abordoli

    Nevermind, I hit “Join” above and it popped up.

    I can’t wait for some Prometheus merchandise. PJs, Pillow-cases, anything….LOL

  • Yeap boon pin

    Can’t wait to see which figures they will created. Also I hope hot toys can finish his line of doing up the alien queen to match it power loader.

  • David

    I really can’t Waite for this. Wish they had a date

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