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An Update on a Sixth Scale Sith Lord!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Sideshow Collectibles is giving you a sneak peek at an upcoming Star Wars Sixth Scale Figure!

Sith Lord Tease Photo

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  • Darth Vader Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure
  • Gregory

    Yes a Return Of The Jedi Darth Vader. Love the severed hand and what hopefully will be a removable helmet so you can recreate the shuttle scene with Luke.

  • Kevin

    Wow..finally….what about the 12 inch Grievous?

  • Chris

    Can’t wait missed the first one not gonna miss this one.

  • Darth Impulsive

    Looks amazing!!!!

  • Jedi Jim

    Keep’em coming, now your training is complete. More main characters and less troopers unless from EP4,5,6. Snow troopers, Scout Troopers, AT-AT Driver, Tie pilot, Hoth Rebel troopers, Mon Calamari, General Veers in AT-AT uniform.

  • I am Sancho

    Estoy mojado! Me has hecho tan feliz! And that is why I am Sancho, and you are not!

  • Ben

    Grievous! Is it…………… DX version would b AWESOME

  • Paco

    i would sell 6 of my 9 chiwawa’s for a better look at this figure

  • John White

    Got the first and second Vader ( comic con Anakin -Vader and the exclisive tall Vader) Will also buy this one. if its possible consider a light up feature for his chest box and belt please :> Cant wait to see this one complete. Also as another person mentioned before what is the status on Grevious. And for me I’d LOVE to hear anything about a 6th scale Max Rebo band set you all have been working on . Thanks folks.

  • james sanderson

    tight!!!!! but wheres the wookie

  • derek

    Looking good! A great one to accompany hot toys Luke!! Hope they will launch at the same time!

  • rafael

    Yeah baby, now that’s what I’m talking about. I feel like a kid again.

  • Derek Osburn

    With the white armor, I am thinking of the What If comic where Luke convinces his father to join the Rebellion. Vader appears in a new suit of white armor. I hope it is that.

  • Luis Huertas

    the vader from hot toys size 14″, this size 14″ to?

  • Dave

    These are not the droids we are looking for…….

  • Andrew

    Looks absolutely fantastic. However, (if the mask is removable) my purchase depends upon one condition: Sebastian Shaw, NOT Hayden Christensen. If The wrong face is behind that mask, I won’t be behind this figure.

  • Brad

    I am looking SO forward to a ROTJ Vader. I agree with Andrew I would rather a Shaw face too. Wonder if the exclusive will be a swap out head one Shaw and one Christensen? That would keep everyone happy. Well, almost everyone because as we all know you can’t make everyone happy. lol!!

  • Eddy

    Ots Shaw, look, no hand :D

  • Torgon

    @Derek Osburn says:
    With the white armor, I am thinking of the What If comic where Luke convinces his father to join the Rebellion. Vader appears in a new suit of white armor. I hope it is that.

    I don’t think so. This is a work in progress, it will painted black and detailed later.

  • darthkelly


  • Jamie

    I am missing a 12′ vader from my collection, I have the premium format version of vader and the new 1:1 scale ROTJ vader with the removable headgear to reveal Shaw as vader. I have been looking forward to this piece for a long time and i doubt i will be dissapointed. greta work so far guys. My question is will this be packaged sideshow and at what price as the old ones are fetching a minimum price of 500.00au.

  • Chew

    The lightsaber hilt is wrong, this is the stunt version. ESB and ROTJ are the same exact hilt, which is the MPP flash gun not the Graflex 3-cell flash gun. This is a far spanning and very common misconception.

  • Richard

    This will be my first Star Wars piece.

  • Tom

    Come on SS! Please make a Premium Format Vader w/ new gen blade and lighted chest plate in the $300.00 – $500.00 range. I want the Dark Lord in his rightful place at the head of my SW Collection. Don’t make me BEG..


  • Gabe

    Saw this piece at comic con and it was AWESOME!!!!!! Definitely going to Pre-order!

  • TheFiend

    Don’t have a Vader for the collection and I can’t wait to get my hands on this bad boy.

  • francisco

    the expectation is tremendousm so when we are going to know more about this unique figure, yes cause SS is thes best vader’s fugure

  • justsayin’


  • Angel

    This is so fraking cool!(Biker Scout) I have the first Vader (Biker Scout) And to have one with the helmet off is AWESOME Thanks!(Biker Scout) And Thanks again for making a SNOW trooper. Guess you ran out of colors on the clone troopers lol. There was something else on my mind oh well. You guys rock!

  • Jonathan Seah

    Yes…! My father finally come back to me !

  • astro666

    Can’t wait to see more of this new Vader figure. I have the original Sideshow Vader and he is great, so I can only imagine how awesome this new version will turn out.


    Time to release dte, and pre order

  • Darth Impulsive

    We need more information about this figure Sideshow!! Waiting in great anticipation.

  • scott zazueta

    Can’t wait to see more on Darth Vader

  • Terry

    sideshow why you still doesn’t release pre-order!!!can’t wait any longer!

  • darthtemply

    A must have to complete my imperial sixth scale collection. When are you going to release him.

  • Sami

    This Sith Lord is coming home with me. Sixth scale Darth Maul and Galen Marek deluxe figures after that would be divine.

  • jim

    May 23rd… can’t wait!

  • Lee

    This will be my next and long awaited purchase from sideshow for sure as my collection is in need of a sixth scale vader!, well done sidehow, he looks awesome so roll on 23rd May!!.

  • Marcus

    Awesome! However, I was wondering if you guys could make more stormtroopers?(Sixth Scale)


  • Jamie

    What id like to seebuou do ss is make more from the lines away from the main charactors. Like 12′ hoth rebel trooper or a rebel pilot. In premium format I’d love to own a gamorrean guard or sith lord that is the sith race. I finally aquired the 1.0 vader and own the 2.0 vader aswell as the premium format vader. Variety is the key.

  • Matt

    Can we please order this now… assuming the teeth will be chromed :)

  • Sideshow_Admin

    Hey! While true that most of Han’s jackets are blue, these were the reference photos that we were using. His Hoth jacket is brown. I hope this clears things up! Thanks for the concern!

  • Hedonistic_Atheist


  • Mondo

    Can’t wait for a accurate scale Wampa to go with this set too.

  • Tank0211


    Will we be getting a wampa too???

  • Miguel Sandoval

    This has to be the best companion piece ever made!!!

  • Paul

    Been waiting for this for a long time. :D

  • Doug Olson

    Ok, sweet! But I ALSO want the Hungry Wampa!

  • Matthew Borchers

    I’m pretty sure I want the hungry wampa just as much as these guys. Let me check — yup, I do. These look great though! I can’t wait to get them.

  • Paul

    When will it be ready for pre-order?

  • Derek S

    How long will it be before this is available for pre-order? I see a comment here from 6 months ago. What’s the average wait time?

  • Kenny Patton

    Guys please release the original Alien bust. The best and only one in my opinion worth owning, because created by the infamous H.R. Giger.

    • Derek S

      Are you referring to this one? Or a different one? Because I reeeeaally just want them to release this one. Badly.

    • Paul

      This one is the best design Alien and should be released first. I don’t know why they put up the Aliens bust first?

  • killerhappy

    Awesome work, dudes!!! :D

  • @TheBIppi

    Solipsis, you’re awesome! LOL

  • hedzsooo

    Cool! :)

  • User897

    I look at the tiny items in my ALIEN collection and this makes me DROOL. It would truly be the centerpiece if I was fortunate enough to win it. I never win anything darnit!

  • Cynthia Reyes

    I want!!!!


    This bust is Incredible.
    And scary looking.
    Would look great in my office.

  • Tanya Tate

    Oh my, this would look lovely in my office :)

  • Ryan Williamson

    The bust looks great! I do think that the front is a little too round but hey.. I hope the reproduction is just as well painted as the prototype

  • luisnostromo

    It looks amazing … it will look perfect on my alien collection :)
    look at my collection on my instagram “luisnostromo”

  • NateDrake

    It’s now March 13th. Can we pre-order now?!

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