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A Fantastic 4 Tease Full Of Doom!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Maniacal laughter has been emanating from our Sculptor’s studio over the past few weeks…even more than usual. Our artists fully committed themselves to nailing the finest detail of Doctor Doom in our new, immense Legendary Scale™ Figure. Today, you’re getting the first look at their handiwork.

Dr. Doom Product Photo

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  • Doctor Doom Legendary Scale(TM) Figure
  • Ralphie

    “WOW” HEAVY METAL the Detail looks amazing.Looking forward to the full reveal.

  • skaa2418

    ..Yes guys this is it..been waiting so long for this great master piece…LSF OMG you guys rocks…

  • Marco almada

    Hell yea

  • Robb

    I love it.. but the Legendary scale is out of my budget.. But when it comes back as a PF.. Oh Baby, I will own it.

  • TMT

    Legendary scale is outside of my budget too…. I will wait for the new Doctor Doom PF instead!

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