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Holy Hot Toys Announcement, Batman!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hot Toys recently announced that they will be producing collectibles from the hugely popular classic Batman 1966 Live-action TV Series! The first bat-tastic piece of collectible nostalgia will be the Batmobile Sixth Scale Vehicle, which had its debut at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego! Stay tuned to SideshowCollectibles.com to find out when the Batmobile will be available for Pre-Order! See you at the same bat time and same bat channel!

Batman 1960s Photo

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  • henry rosado

    i been waiting fof this for long time finally can’t wait

  • andres

    Its amaizing car batimobile¡¡¡¡

  • Matt

    Can’t wait to see what Batman and Robin look like from this series. No doubt they will be amazing.

  • brent

    can’t wait to see what the cesar romero joker looks like. i love that character!

  • http://sideshow verne glassman

    Nothing so good can be so bat. Can’ wait. I remember when trees were invented, so old that TV was new and I saw the first episode of Batman live (bof, bang!)The only super hero without any super powers but he sure had the toys and now I want them also. Bring them on!

  • Joe

    You answered my prayers. Hope you make the batcopter,boat,batbike and batgirls bike. Also, batman,robin,batgirl,alfred,commissioner and all the villians.Now that would be really sweet. Thanks very much. We`ll pray some more. It seemed to work before.

  • Wayne E. Bernstein

    Holy Cheese, Batman, I Swiss Can’t Wait.

  • Josh

    Does hot toys have the balls to do all 3 catwoman characters? What about ransoms like King Tut and Egghead? Would definitely surprise them sales wise int opinion. This could be a gold mine license if they push the creativity. Hope obvious choices include Newmar Catwoman, Meredith Penguin, Romero Joker, Gorshin Riddler and Of course Batgirl!!!

  • Jessie

    This is going to be sweet.

  • Ralph Spadaccini

    Can’t wait for it……..
    I hope they are making the Figures too……………

  • Ralph Spadaccini

    If they make the figures, It will more like 2015 before they come out I think?

  • Martin

    been waiting for this car for years,, when is it release on market?

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