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Get A Backstage Pass To View Upcoming The Avengers Hot Toys Collectibles!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hot Toys is showcasing many of their newest pieces at the annual Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong event the weekend of July 27th!  Get a tiny taste of what they have on display below!  Remember, the brand new Agent Phil Coulson and Chitauri Foot soldier Figures will be available for Pre-Order through SideshowCollectibles.com in the very near future, so keep an eye out for each The Avengers must-haves!

Phil Photochitauri Photo

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  • Taisha Feldhaus

    Awww, RIP Phil, first name: Agent.

  • http://comiccongeek alice


  • Haberdash

    really looking forward to getting this

  • Suzan

    Phil “Agent” Coulson- the perfect babysitter addition to my Avengers collection. Unbelievably excited that Hot Toys have decided to pick him up! Definitely pre-ordering this piece.

  • Fritz

    Still waiting breathlessly for my chance to pre-order Agent Phil Coulson! The Hot Toys Loki was my very first collectible order back in May (so sorry I missed out on Nick Fury!), and even then I was longing for a Hot Toys Coulson. So I have literally been waiting for this figure for four and a half months. That’s like 2 years in fannish time :’) Hope they open pre-orders soon…

  • Melanie

    I have all the avengers on order, and I am checking to see when Coulson is ready almost every week. So far everything looks great! I’m so excited. Can’t wait!

  • Sheena Eggel

    Looks good – might get it once Nick Fury is back in stock but I hope they make one for Maria Hill. :) Cobie Smulders deserves her own figure! :)

  • Fritz

    Since today’s NYCC announcement that Agent Coulson will be a part of the S.H.I.E.L.D. series Joss Whedon is developing for Marvel and ABC, I have mentally upped my pre-order for this figure to (at least) two. Still waiting more-or-less patiently for the pre-orders to open! :’)

  • Buffy

    I have been praying for Coulson to happen. Glad it finally is! He’ll look great in the line-up.

  • John Torrisi

    Where is this LONG OVERDUE Hottoy Figure of the Avengers’ LOOONG LOST CHITAURI Foot Soldier Figures.

  • MrTransformers96

    Come on Hot Toys put the Chitauri Foot Soldier on preorder already! :)

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