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Hot Toys’ Batman 1/4 Scale Figure Sneak Peek!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Get your first taste of Hot Toys upcoming Batman 1/4 Scale Figure below! This first-of-its-kind collectible from Hot Toys was unveiled at Ani-Com in Hong Kong this weekend! Keep your eyes fixed on SideshowCollectibles.com for your chance to secure a Pre-Order for the caped crusader!

Batman PhotoBatman Photo

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  • http://sideshow verne glassman


  • http://SS R.F.

    I think is an awesome figure and the detail is incredible but the price tag is way high after all it’s just an 18″ figure. Now the sideshow exclusive has a batman mask accessory… what is the point of it if the figure already brings a masked and unmasked head ????????
    any comments on that…

  • darthkelly

    I had NO INTENTION of buying this since Im getting SSC Batman PF but, once I realized it is POSABLE!by 32 POINTS!!!PERS!!!!! Along with all the foes masks AND a cowl, SOLD! Thought the $ was a lil’steep but really, the 1/6 figures are gaining on the 3 bill mark and we all buy them. And, how F N COOL IS THIS GONNA LOOK NEXT TO THE 1/6 DKR FIGURE!!??!! The answer is WAYYYY!!!!!!!

  • Kenneth Barone

    Being a batman and thor collector for over 20 years i love the hot toys 1/6 figures but they are way to pricey.I have so much stuff i could open a store but these figures would break me and get me divorced..lol.But if you want a absolute awsome figure order these.The likeness,the articulation,the accessories all incredible.I have owned 2 dark knight ones and i love them more than anything in my collection and now thier getting bigger.If you can afford it buy it without hesitation you wont be sorry.

  • rafael

    I miss it the 1st, 2nd time around I’m planing on getting this figure to compensate for the previous two although the other two where in 1/6 scale this one has it all and for the price its good. I’ve seen the other 1/4 scale batman from another company and it doesn’t compare to this one, same price though. This one will be my center PC. On my batman collection. Also to the people in sideshow can you make a wolverine 1/4 scale but with the yellow and blue uniform .like the legendary scale one, that would be a some to have.

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