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The Dark Lord Of Mordor Is Revealed!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sideshow Collectibles’ Sauron Premium Format Figure was recently revealed at Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego! Get a sneak peek at this ruler of Mordor below! Remember, this Middle-Earth collectible will be available for Pre-Order in the near future, so keep an eye out for news!

Sauron Photo

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  • Sauron Premium Format(TM) Figure
  • Paul

    My god that is amazing work

  • andre

    Question for anyone who saw this @ SDCC: approx. how tall is this piece? It can’t be true 1/4 scale! Can it?

  • Bill (Irish Guy)

    Very nice job Sideshow. Super detailed (just the way I like it).
    Well done guys.
    Don’t make it too expensive for me now. :)

  • Jim

    @Andre: it is 1/4 scale premium format,he looks big and tall cause he is,in the movie Sauron is 2x taller than regular SS has to measured.

  • Robb B.

    Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! Any chance there will be an exclusive on this big boy? Like maybe the sword that they designed for him, but didn’t end up being used in the film? Pleeeeeease!

  • Lefalaja

    so this bad boy will be like 90 cm tall!!!! at least

  • Kevin

    Wow!!! Great detail. Wonder what the edition size will be set at?

  • Josh Long

    This is an amazing piece. I wantd it badly before comic-con and after seeing it I want it more.

    Andre its pretty close to 3ft tall

  • Adam Gibbs

    I was torn between preordering this SAURON PF or the HULK MAQUETTE. But after seeing Hulk go for $650. Who knows what Sauron will go for? I have to be honest I’m truly scared it will be in the $700-$1,000 range. The Dark Rider of Mordor PF was $800. But a statue this amazing and a character I’m a fan of more so than the Hulk I have to suck it up and preorder Sauron when it becomes available.

  • Mannequin

    I wish this will have an Exclusive piece. If so this is where my 25,000 point will go!! The Hulk Maquette, the Wolf LSF, and Galactus were not worthy of my Reward! only the Lord Suaron will be my ultimate reward!!!

  • Nash Tu

    Please don’t make the price over $800~~

  • TMNTLegend

    I saw this piece at Comic Con. It is far more amazing in person than this picture could ever show. This piece appeared to be about 32″-34″ in height. This piece is part of the Legendary Scale series and I bet anything the price will fall in line with the series at $2000 for the piece. Possible it could be around the $1600 range but after seeing it and all the other Legendary Scale figures on display; highly highly unlikely. It is a must own for me and after seeing this in person I will be selling the Sauron PF figure to help fund this one. I would say unbelievable work sideshow, can’t really be that good if I had not seen it in person.

  • Jack Burton

    I’d would have loved to see what this would have been as a LSF. Then again, it would have been way beyond what my wallet could handle. Outstanding work, great job Sideshow. Can wait for the full review, and cost….

  • Lefalaja

    2k is just to much :(
    $800 is OK :)

    the dark rider of mordor looks amazing and the price is not so bad. maybe this should have the same price :)

  • CUT

    Ahhh…if this is $400 or under I’ll jump all over it, but if it’s over then its definately out of the question. Especially since Hot Toys came out with that new Terminator Endo-Skeleton and the most Epice Dark Knight ever! Both in 1/4 scale and super expensive!!! I wanna get both only have the Endo secured right now and thinking about getting the bat too.

  • simon macdonald

    sideshow says its a premium format so it shouldnt be no more than 400..

  • Zacharias Symeou

    just received it this morning!!!! Absolutely stunning!!!! The detail is immense and has to be the best buy today! Worth every penny :D so happy i could cry!

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