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Indiana Jones – Pursuit Of The Ark Statue Riding In Soon

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sideshow Collectibles’ Indiana Jones – Pursuit of the Ark Statue will be galloping in for Pre-Order very soon! While you wait, grab a sneak peek of this treasure hunter below!

Indiana Jones Statue Photo

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  • http://SS Alex R.

    AWESOME!!!!!!!! What a great piece. Excellent Sideshow.

  • Ralphie

    Looks like a lot of work went into this Statue.Very dynamic pose on the Horse and Indy.Can’t wait to get a real good look at how Harrison Fords Face sculpt turned out.

  • Averone

    I cant wait to order this masterpiece.people will love my display ive got inmind for this.

  • Tango78

    This is so awesome, can’t wait to pre-order!

  • Robb B.

    Truck? What truck?

  • Les David

    Must have!!!

  • Brian B

    SSC has done it again! This piece is outstanding! Very much looking forward to seeing it in my den! Got a few friends that will definitely appreciate.

  • Tim Peterson

    Hot on the heals of the IMAX re-release. Can’t wait to get this!

  • Mike

    “I dunno, I’m making this up as I go along.”

  • WhineyEmoFanboy

    Looks Great. Considering how badly another company did with this type of item..GG..Consider price point and sales expectations low.

  • James B.

    “Indy, if you still want it, it is being loaded on a truck to Cairo…then going to Sideshow and eventually MY house!” A must have piece…

  • Croft

    Sweet, I’ve always loved that scene of Indy on the horse just before going down the hill to chase the truck.
    Food, ha who needs it.

  • Brandon

    Is it just me, or is the bag strap for his MKVII bag going the opposite direction as it should be? The bag should technically be laying over his whip a bit. Whip and Bag are on the same side.

  • Mike

    @Brandon, technically yes the bag should be over his whip, but if you look at the publicity shot of Indy riding out of the tent, it is over the left shoulder, on right hip. Its that way in the movie too. And in the close-up of Harrison rearing back. So it is accurate. I’d love to see more of this!!

  • KT

    Lovely looking sculpt. BTW the Raiders jacket shouldn’t have poppers on on the storm flap (top and bottom of zipper). Only LC/CS.

  • Josh

    If I remember correctly the bag in that scene WAS worn on the opposite to usual side which would make the placement on the statue correct! I’m gonna have to check that but I’m sure sideshow got it right ;)

  • Wade

    Notify me when you get your act together and actually decide to produce a Deadpool PF. If my memory serves me early 2012 was the supposed release date.
    EPIC FAIL SS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JarvisNichole

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  • Mike

    Actually, if you look at the film, Indy IS wearing his bag on his right hip, from the time he leaves the tent to when he’s approaching the truck on the road. If its Harrison and not the stunt man, that’s how it is. BUT he shouldn’t have the snaps on his jacket storm flap. SS, PLEASE remove those!

  • Mike

    Sorry for the double post, when I first logged on, must’ve been cached to the old ones. KT is correct, please remove the jacket snaps! Bag is good! Can’t wait to see more!

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