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Introducing Sideshow Classics

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present Sideshow Classics, a new collection of statues in traditional bronze and cold cast bronze mediums. Bronze has long been regarded as a vaulted medium for figural art, as its elegant simplicity allows the sculptor to convey the raw energy, movement and poise of the subject. We are premiering this collection with popular heroes from the Marvel universe; starting with Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Iron Man.

The full presentation can be found here and on our Main Attractions page.


Characters,™ & © 2012 Marvel and Subs.  

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  • Richard

    These are awesome! When will they be available?

  • CUT

    Uhhhh… can you say…”Out of “EVERYBODY’S” price range!?!?

  • http://Sideshow Dennis

    These are great but please, why dont you guys do stuff most people can afford. More 1/6 scale, Dc, Dr Fate, Specter, Batman, or Horror. I am so sick of seeing Marvel, Starwars, and stuff like Sucker Punch that people have no emotional ties too.

  • Kit

    Fab! Gorgeous sculpt! Are there any teasers for when we might get the Premium Format Harley Quinn & Catwoman to go with the amazing Poison Ivy! Got to have all 3 sirens :)

  • Jason Legate

    Definitely taking the highend collectibles to a new level, which didn’ even seem possible.

  • Dean

    Very cool. I’m hoping for a classic Deadpool, and Hulk. I hope you will also do Batman (if you are doing DC).

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