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Spooktacular Tease: Boba Fett Mythos Statue!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sideshow Collectibles’ Boba Fett Mythos Statue will be Pre-Ordering in the near future! Get a look at a sneak peek of this Star Wars collectible below!

Boba Fett Mythos Statue Photo

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  • Boba Fett - Mythos Polystone Statue
  • Brandon

    Cool picture, but whats the deal with the giant rifle?

  • Gilbert Rodriguez

    Awesome giveaway prize! Great artwork for a kickass character!

  • Mike

    This is a heck of a tease. I will be ordering this baby as soon as it’s up for pre-order.

  • andre

    STILL not enjoying that over-sized pea-shooter.

  • Damon

    you had me at Boba

  • Scott Burr

    Can’t wait. I love my 6th scale Boba Fett and would love to add this one too of my favorite Star Wars character of all times.

  • Dan

    A good bounty hunter, needs a long sniper rifle in his arsenal ;)

  • Darth Impulsive

    Want this!!!!

  • Bill

    Nice artwork

  • Matt Piper

    Really enjoying this line,will pre-order as soon as it’s up.

  • Ken Dabrowski

    Boba Fett seems to always know and be where his bounty lurks!

  • Habri

    That is a Clone Wars rifle…so I’m guessing the time setting of the statue will be somewhere between Episodes III and IV…so it’s a young Boba Fett, on his way to reaching the gear we’re all used to…

  • Paul

    I LOVE the original Star Wars films (prequils never happened!) but will have to admit that Boba Fett seriously needs a ‘Mythos’ since he was one of the most lame characters in the franchise. I mean, what did he do besides stand around looking all cool? He happened upon the Falcon while routing through Star Destroyer garbage. He is handed Han on ice instead of having to do cool ‘Bounty Hunter’ stuff to get him. During the fight on cloud city he misses everyone he shoots at. Then on Tatooine he falls screaming like a girl into the sarlacc due to a wardrobe malfunction. Oh well… at least he stood around looking all cool.

  • Brad

    I’m REALLY looking forward to this one. I’ve got a space picked out already. Keep up the great work guys.

  • Ralphie

    I remembered when this first showed up on SS it had an awesome Icy Blue look to it.Very different,like he was Bounty Hunting on Hoth.I really liked that look also.You should do 2 Boba Fett versions.That would be cool.

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