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Spooktacular Tease: Darth Vader Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sideshow Collectibles’ Darth Vader Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure will be Pre-Ordering in the near future! Get a look at a sneak peek of this Star Wars collectible below!

Darth Vader Sixth Scale Figure Figure Photo

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  • Darth Vader Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure
  • Darth Vader Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure
  • Eric

    Are we gonna see anything that we haven’t laready seen?

  • Paul

    The eyes seem a little off but that may just be the lighting. Will definitely have to get one of these.

  • pixletwin

    Hmmm.. I am super duper excited about this…


    The figure looks thrown together. No care seems to have been taken to futz with him and make him look good. Head crooked, cape is awkwardly placed and the pose sucks.

  • Zach


  • http://sideshow highlander1

    Where’s your passion for this amazing character please this is a disturbance in the force…please try to present a worthy pic before posting….

  • Darth Impulsive

    I have been looking forward to this one!

  • James

    Haters gonna hate. I love this and cant wait to order. Thanks SSC.

  • PodcasticJoe

    Looks cool – need bigger photo though :) (That Hoth trooper get promoted?)

  • Brad

    Going to wait a little longer to pass judgement. Please SS get this one a little more authentic looking than the last Vader. It was a lot of $$ to end up putting a Hasbro helmet on to make it more accurate.

  • Andy

    I agree this looks too haphazardly put together, the does NOT make me want to buy this.

    On another note, will it include a pale face Anakin sculpt?

  • Tobias Goggia

    Awesome I really really want this Darth Vader i can’t wait to pre-order this one please please make it so the helmet comes off and underneath is the jacked up anakin from Return of the Jedi that would be so awesome! Either way though I will definetly be buying this so far I have 6 of your figures (wish it was more, will be soon) and all, every one of them are magnificent!!!

  • try try try

    Okay, come now. After waiting so long this figure could be much better – more accurate. The last Vader was great to finally get in 1:6 scale but the head/helmet had so many problems. This new version still shows some of the same. While the outer helmet seems to have improved in width the internal face portion is still off. That section almost looks like a re-use of the last one. Most notably, like the last version, the mouthpiece is still too big.

    Look these criticisms only come from a good place because we know Sideshow can do much better. Sideshow, please take the words as sources for critique that could further inform your work on the piece.

  • RyanC

    Some of you guys are unbelievable. “Thrown together.” You speak as if it was cut out randomly with a pair of raggedy scissors with no sewing and paint glopped on top. Seriously give more credit than your claims of thrown together. Accuracy issues definitely can be discussed, but for a 1/6 it looks pretty amazing. I wish this was a PF. :(

  • Kennysghost

    Is this part of the Hot Toys / Sideshow collaboration announced in 2011 (like the Bespin Luke)? Or is it Sideshow on its own?

  • RyDel

    Looks like Darth Vader to me. Can’t wait to get it Sideshow!

  • Tom M

    Ok love the figure but the mask is still off, come on guys you can do better then this

  • Tom M

    Figure looks ok but the helmet needs a lot of work. Come on guys you can do better then this.

  • angel correa

    Nice! Can’t wait to see more pictures.

  • Edzew

    will probably be way to expensive for what it is. Hate having to pay $200 + for something with so little detail

  • darthkelly

    and this will b mine as well now,GRIEVOUS GRIEVOUS GRIEVOUS!!!

  • Steve

    I’m afraid I have to agree with earlier comments about the helmet and face mask. As soon as the picture displayed it was the first thing I noticed and it also reminded me of the early 12″ Hasbro figure. Although the rest of the figure looks quite nice I also would prefer to wait and see final product. Until then I’ll stick with my 1/4 scale thanks.

  • EricFoss

    Too many questions still. Which portrait will it have? How many portraits? One with partial mask? One with no mask? One with full mask? Episode III or VI?

    I gots ta know…

  • Paul

    Why oh why carnt this be pf

  • Jango 72

    They have stated it will be a blend between ESB and ROTJ Vader. I for one have been waiting a long time for this figure to come up. Looking forward to getting it. Not seeing the helmet and mask flaws that people keep mentioning.

  • Jamie

    I have a premium format darth vader and the new sideshow one will look nice next to it.good job on the scult IMO. I keep my Medicom stuff seperate.

  • Joshua

    Looks sick. DO WANT.

    One thing I have learned from SSC is that most people that follow SSC whine like little children. They should really be ashamed of themselves. ;)

  • LegendsOfBatman

    Didn’t SS do Vader already? Yes, I do seem to remember a SS Vader at $125.

  • http://youguys Ed Perello

    Explain DELUXE.

  • andre

    Bet this fella has a light-up saber (like TPM Obi- Wan) SS ain’t showing us yet.

  • yardman


  • sean conway

    I have been waiting for this. Can’t wait to see more photos! Maybe throw in a carbon freeze room display stand like Boba? I’ll be having to constantly changing around who I display him with though…

  • astro666

    Can’t wait to see more and find out what exactly is going to make this a “Deluxe” figure. Just not looking forward to the price, I’m sure that will be the deciding factor for many.

  • Zach

    Hey Sideshow, remind Darth Vader to bring his CHEST with him before the final release…

  • stonedchewy

    nice background as well…sweeet!

  • Frankie

    Todays Sideshow Collectibles are produced for making money which is ok as SS is a business at the end of the day. So they consentrate on stuff that will sell well. I would love to see some of the classics comeback….:0) LLSS

  • Chew74

    Nice figure, needs work. Helmet needs to be bigger and positioned better. Don’t do the same thing you did with ANH version.

  • Richard jones

    Seeing as this is the only in scale 1/6 vader out there that looks as close as almost anything else and the old version is going for silly eBay at moment, I will jump at the chance. Thanks sideshow. Just get your finger out with grievous. Gee a year and a half since you showed it off.

  • Richard jones

    Looks like an old ani is coming our way. The helmet comes apart. Found this

  • Bradley Barton

    I am so excited for this! I have just recently started collecting the 1/6 scale Star Wars figures. This is going to be an awesome edition to my new collection.

  • Andrew

    The burning question for me is: Will the chest respirator and belt have lights???
    As far as the helmet goes, I’m sure the official release pics will look better. Nice work, SS!

  • milk-milk-lemonade

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about coming from all the Negative Nellies on here. For my eyes, Vader looks great as is!! Keep up the awesome work, SS.

  • Terry

    C’mon SS! Release the pre-order of Vader and let us see more pics of it! cant’t wait!!!

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