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The Transformation of Jack the Ripper Interactive Graphic Account

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We’re proud to present this interactive graphic account; The Transformation of Jack the Ripper from The Dead.

For more info on Jack the Ripper, be sure to check out our Inside Look.

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  • mark

    Um… great. But where is Michael Myers PF?

  • Breck

    Whoa, so well done!

  • Robert

    I wish they’d post this in a format that is iPad-friendly. I can’t see it.

  • DJ

    OMG! I LOOVE the interactive graphic accounts!!!! They need to be a part of EVERY spooktacular,, but a much longer version (and with music) like in 2008. Keep it up guys, I cant get enough of these! For those that havent been enjoying Spook for very long, I recommend going back to the 2008 Spooktacular page and watching the graphic account of The Dead!

  • Fabian Pinto

    This is easily the best take on Jack the Ripper period! Come see The monster inside the man.

  • Tolga

    Robert use puffin web browser (or any other flash friendly browser) to see it. You can download it from app center free. That’s how I watched it.

  • Artur

    COOL going to take care of it when i will get it !! but first i will wait for extra HEAD where he is more humanish becuz this is too Necromorphish to me

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