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Grey Hulk Comiquette Tease!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sideshow Collectibles’ Grey Hulk Comiquette will be Pre-Ordering in the near future! Get a look at a sneak peek of this Marvel collectible below!

Grey Hulk Comiquette  Photo

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  • Skaar2418

    ..Marvelous guys, this is what we want from you. This is worth waiting…green, red and now grey wow tremendously well done….

  • KB

    Oooooohhhh…so tempting. I already have the green version and the Hulk Maquette on pre-order…do I dare risk my wife’s wrath and add the grey version?

  • Frankie

    You can never get enough of the Hulk, green or grey……… :0)

  • HulkFan76

    I love this one, more so than the red. Is there anyway you would trade me my red one for this grey one Sideshow ???

  • Darren

    Can’t wait – Best one yet!! I hope the preorder is soon – thanks Sideshow!!

  • Daniel Lane

    Thank Christ Sideshow have the sense to release a more conventional Hulk, not like that Papa Guiseppe-looking red thing with the ridicuolous hair. But utter disrespect to them for simply reproducing the same piece three times, with almost only a different paint color. This is why Hot Toys are better.

  • Flavio

    I agree. It’s much better than the red hulk. For me, it makes much more sense. But I wish I could still find the green one for sale around here.

  • Mateus

    I saw the green version of this statue and it it INSANE.

    I kept wondering if you guys would ever release a grey version and here it is !

    GREAT job guys ;D

  • Moy Stark

    He will be mine!

  • John Uy

    When is this going to be release? I can’t wait I already have the green and red hulk. This will complete my collection :)

  • HulkFan76

    I asked Sideshow when this was going to be availible for Pre-order and their answer was after the 1st of the year 2013. No specific month or date was diven so for everybody thats wondering, there ya go.

  • CUT

    You guys are crazy!!! Yea it looks cool and all, but better than the Red Hulk!?!? My Ass! Red Hulk IS one of THE Hulk statues to own! I know I know you are all about the original look which is cool, but compare them. Look how nice this guy looks…. now take a look at Red Hulks face! NO eye balls, just monster there! I own him and he is just sooooooooooo angry and thats waht what we need out of a hulk not some pansy gray guy. Anyway like how they decided to make super amounts of money by just resculpting and repainting the origianl Hulk Comiquette. Im not hating just great idea cause who ever desigend this piece is a genious! Super super sculpt! Smashing the road right from under his feet like egg shells! Absolutely amazing in any color!

  • Jose R Molina

    I have the previous two and cant wait for the grey one to come out.

  • Shiftcon

    I wish to participate in this statue .

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