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The Transformation of Jack the Ripper Inside Look – Part 4

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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With the launch of our Sideshow Experience website this year we continue to strive for better presentations of our content, aimed at telling more visually engaging stories.

Our final storytelling approach for Jack the Ripper was for a short story delivered in a graphic novel type of presentation.

[Watch it here]

I focused the story for this piece on the historical events surrounding his last documented crime at 13 Miller’s Court. I wanted a chance to illuminate The Ripper’s thought process while tying it to the last murder in the series; that of Mary Jane Kelly.

Since photographs exist of this crime scene, it allowed for us to weave the accurate historical details into the fanciful narrative about a transforming Jack the Ripper who is on the precipice of a great leap forward in spiritual power.

Working with Sideshow team members David Igo and Gracie Bifulco, we first illustrated a storyboard, then staged some photography to get a better sense of the scenes. This created the best visual design brief for digital artist Sukhbir Purewal to launch into the actual panels themselves.

Sukhbir captured the dark twisted spirit of The Ripper’s thoughts in a landscape dominated by moody reds and black, occasionally punctuated with harsh light to expose the horrific nature of his revelations.

The project was a blast from beginning to end and we look forward to bringing more Sideshow Original work to our collectors with equal energy in the future!

- Tom Gilliland


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