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Sound Off: How did you first find out about Sideshow?

Monday, November 19, 2012

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How did you first find out about Sideshow?


I saw a friend on Facebook posting pictures of his collection but would not tell me where he bought them. I went through all of his “Likes” until I figured it out. – Mike M.


My wife and I both love The Lord of the Rings, and Fellowship of the Ring was the first movie we went to see together after we started dating. We first heard of Sideshow when my wife spotted the “No Admittance” bookends in a store and bought them for me. For our first anniversary, I researched Sideshow on the internet, and bought Orthanc for her. Since then the cats have knocked over Orthanc (broken, but mended, and now safely in a display case), but I still think those bookends are one of the most beautiful pieces Sideshow has ever made. – Stevan P.


I had been obsessed with Lord of Darkness since I was a small girl. Now I am still obsessed but now with an adult income.  I searched for Lord of Darkness  and Sideshow was one of the sites to come up. The site caught my attention because it was art. Art I understood. There was so much of it and I wanted it all. - Rosana O.


I discovered Sideshow Collectibles rather accidentally. I was searching on eBay for collectibles of Mystique from the X-Men and stumbled upon auctions for the Mystique Premium Format figure. She has long been my favorite Marvel character and I was blown away by your work. I now have ten Sideshow statues and watch your website and Facebook site like a hawk for new products, contests, and pretty much anything you guys do. - Scott R.

I first heard about Sideshow Collectibles by seeing the booth at Comic-Con several years ago. I placed my first preorder right then and there: the very first X-Men Diorama, with Cyclops and Colossus fighting the Sentinel. Of course I ordered the Exclusive version, which lights up. It remains one of the coolest collectibles Sideshow has ever sold. - Paul B.


The first time I saw or heard about Sideshow was after seeing The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. We walked out of the theater and in the lobby there was a museum quality display with your items. We were blown away! It really was an exciting time to start collecting Sideshow, and now being a member of Sideshow Freaks is like being in a close knit family collectors. - Casey V.


I heard about Sideshow when I was overhearing the cooler guys at the comic book store talking about some of your pieces. After about a few seconds after loading your web site, I fell in love! Thanks for seriously making fireworks go off in my body every time I get to show off your pieces in my amazing collection. I LOVE YOU SIDESHOW! - Chase M.

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  • Michael

    I bought the collectors set of The Avengers and it came with a gift card inside the box.

  • Brandon

    Thats funny, I first found sideshow(back when it was sideshow weta) from their LOTR bookends at a store too. I looked them up online and the rest is history.

  • http://sideshow verne glassman

    When I was very young I visited Disney Land the year it opened and went through the actual set for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and the experience imprinted myself. My imagination has always been active and I found films to be an escape from life’s inevitable problems, at least for an hour and a half. One day I discovered Sideshow and bought my first piece and now I have dozens. To me film and Sideshow are like the famous line Bogart says in The Maltese Falcon when asked what it is all about. For me Sideshow is “The thing that dreams are made of.” You are and I could not be any more honest in answering your question. You are the thing that dreams are made of.

  • Merrill

    I remember seeing pictures of the Saw doll and seen Sideshow. At the time all I thought was Sideshow Bob, then I finally put Sideshow in Google and found your website.

  • try try try

    In January of 2002 I bought my first action figure — I should point out it was my first action figure purchase as an adult of 33 years using my own money. That figure was the Sideshow 8″ Bride of Frankenstein. In a matter of weeks I went back and completed the full line of Sideshow Universal Monsters 8″ figures.

    I thought I was done but then by that same summer of 2002 I couldn’t resist the 1/6 scale Sideshow Universal Monsters that had been released and were still flowing in. There was no turning back and I was a Sideshow junkie from then on. My passion solidified for Sideshow’s 1/6 scale line of products and I have never really stopped. At one time I cared less for specific licenses in favour of simply picking up any nicely crafted Sideshow 12″ figure.

    I hadn’t heard of Sideshow prior to that winter of 2002, but then again I was also new to the toy/collectible hobby and Sideshow products were a fine thing of quality to pursue. I guess it was a nice introduction to jump through the gates of a new hobby with Sideshow along both as my companion and my pursuit.

  • Dylan Sargent

    When I saw STAR TREK in 2009 I loved it so much I went on ebay to look for some Star Trek collectibles and I came accross the Kirk ans Spock Premium Format figures. I had to have them and when I discovered they were made by Sideshow I went to sideshowtoy.com and I got hooked.

  • eric martell

    first time that i found out about sideshow was back in 2006.I was browsing the internet for a retailer store that sell marvel statues.i was new in the hobby in those days and i saw in the browser result sideshow website and the first thing that i saw on their website was the freaking awesome Dr doom pr, since that day
    I can’t help myself but to buy sideshow products.

  • Erik_NorCal

    Just searching the interwebs for Star Wars figures. Was blown away at the high end stuff that is out there. Then started listening to the Preorder66 podcast. Quickly started collecting.

  • Jason Legate

    I first came across Sideshow when I found out about the 20 inch T2 aerial hunter killer they produced. OMG an awesome piece that I still have today!!!! Now I am proud to say I am a sideshow freak… literally a member of the sideshow freaks forum!!

  • Patrick gealogo

    I first found out about Sideshow Toy when I saw the first ad for the universal monsters figures….I thought they were some of the best sculpted figures I’d ever seen….only to wish for 1/6 figures which they eventually made since I used to have the old remco figures…the Star Wars announcement was just a dream come true first time has bro decided to share the license, and now I am hopeful for McQuarrie figures, new universal monsters in 1/6 and Arkham asylum/city stuff….just can’t get enough,,,

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