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Evil Is Primed: An Inside Look at Our Diablo Statue

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Written by Michelle Rasmussen

The Lord of Terror is right! Beating Diablo III with our small group of three was incredibly trying on Inferno difficulty. We wanted to be the first at Sideshow to earn the bragging rights of beating the Prime Evil at his most challenging, but the game was not going to make it easy for us. Our trio, consisting of a Monk, Barbarian, and Witch Doctor, seemed to be the right combination, and we spent the better part of our weekend just trying to fight through Acts 3 and 4 to reach Diablo. After two long attempts, with several deaths and many close call resurrections, we saw the Lord of Terror defeated, and his body cast from the high heavens in the light of a new day.

I’ll tell you, it felt good!

I've been looking forward to talking about this figure since I saw the concept art over a year ago. The piece is impressive, and it’s no wonder, seeing how closely Sideshow worked with Blizzard to capture every detail of their franchise’s namesake. Blizzard generously provided us with their 3D renderings of the character, giving talented 3D sculptor Dave Cortes a plethora of reference with which to create a larger than life sculpture, staying true to every last texture and detail of the main villain.

Blizzard didn’t stop at just providing the reference. After the sculpt was printed from the 3D model, it was sent to Blizzard for review. Blizzard’s Executive Art Director, Nick Carpenter, brought on board their lead sculptor, Brian Fay, to assist with the details and finishing touches.

“Nick Carpenter pretty much said go to town and let me do my thing," Brian recounts. "It was much easier being in-house at Blizzard getting feedback from Nick. He would stop by and give notes which I could change on the spot.”

Brian Fay was a freelance sculptor until earlier this year, and worked with Sideshow on figures such as the Star Wars Mythos Darth Vader figure, the Isaac Clark statue from Dead Space, and the recent Lich King statue from World of Warcraft. At the end of February, Brian was hired on as a full time sculptor at Blizzard to handle their toys and statues.

“I actually never played any Blizzard games before I started working at Blizzard, and Diablo III was one of the first games I've played. I was instantly hooked! When I found out there was a Diablo statue coming my way I couldn’t wait to get started,” Brian explained. “I had a lot of fun playing Diablo III and wanted to make sure that this statue would be a must have for people who like the game, and maybe even make some new fans.”

Even without the paint, the figure looks like it jumped straight out of the game. Every detail of Diablo’s complex anatomy is there, and I can only imagine how it will look when it’s painted. Knowing Sideshow’s painters, I know it will look as if the piece is actually glowing with inner demonic fire.

In the meantime, I think I’m going to try to push my Demon Hunter through Inferno Mode Act 2. Maybe by the time this figure comes out, I can solo Act 5 and go head to head with the Prime Evil once more.

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  • Jason Legate

    if you could only use one word to describe a collectible to a fellow collector for this one it would be…. BUY!!!!

  • Brian

    The detail is most impressive. WOW

  • Derwin75

    Awesome !!

  • Nicholas


  • Chris

    “In the meantime, I think I’m going to try to push my Demon Hunter through Inferno Mode Act 2. Maybe by the time this figure comes out, I can solo Act 5 and go head to head with the Prime Evil once more.”

    Just wanted to point out that there are currently only 4 acts in D3.

  • Sammy Garces

    Quote? By Chris? Chris Metzen? Spoilers? Act 5? Project Dark Portal? Hush hush? Why do you do this?!

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