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Sideshow’s Day at the Races

Friday, November 23, 2012

Our last staff meeting started off with a bang – literally, with a gun at a starting line.

Ok, so maybe sometimes we use the term “staff meeting” loosely around here, this time translating it as an exercise in recreational prowess involving modified Razor Rip Rider 360 Drifting bikes, a bucket of construction helmets, and a makeshift track in our cleared parking lot. Beer (which was provided courtesy our friends at Asahi) and the sweet thrill of competition lured us away from the studio for an afternoon to enjoy the California autumn and settle that age old debate – who would win in a demolition derby: a Rebel Pilot, Cobra Commander, or the Red Baron?*

*We realize this is neither “age old” nor a real topic of debate, but we settled it anyway. For future reference, Cobra is the correct answer.

One by one, our custom bikes met their untimely ends.

Wacky Racers!

No one ended up in Urgent Care (though there were some close calls), and for that we consider everyone a winner.

While no real champion was crowned, good times were had by all in the name of danger, glory, and humiliation. We know what you must be thinking, and fear not diehards – we’re still gonna get that Premium Format out to you in a timely fashion. That’s just how we roll.

Check out our full photo album of this glorious event in the gallery! [Sideshow's Day at the Races]

  • EricFoss

    Who’s the lucky guy with the Luke Skywalker kicks?

  • Ken Dabrowski

    Which one is Jennifer that works on the phones?

  • Jason Legate

    Now that’s what I call a staff meeting. Who wouldn’t want to work at Sideshow. Umm surronded by awesome collectibles all day and the meetings start of with a big wheel race, sign me up!!!

  • Damon


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