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Sound Off: What are you thankful for?

Monday, November 26, 2012

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What are you thankful for?

I’m thankful that Sideshow creates awesome Star Wars figures so I can relive my favorite movie every day! - Kevin R.


I’m thankful that my brother’s tests came back that his cancer hasn’t spread beyond his kidney. Now to find out the game plan. – Koreen Y.


I’m thankful that I’m leaving Afghanistan today and heading back home!!!!! - Leland L.


Bullseye statue that I just bought for 100 bones!! Great discount!! And all the giveaways you guys are doing! Hope I win!! – Dave L.


Wait-listed Wolf Predator pulled through. – Louie D.


My son. My wife. My job . . . . And a bottle of whiskey waiting for me for when these shifts are over. :) :)- Aid R.


My Sideshow collection, of course!! – Daniel G.


That I’ve bounced back from serious injury and now lead a healthy and happy life. What are you guys thankful for? - Dutch D.


My family’s health, a stable job that pays well, and a frickin awesome collectibles hobby that just keeps getting better and better! :)- Kool Kollectibles

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  • Arthur

    im thankfull that DooM4 will actually come and i hope you guys will do the trick to make Hell Baron alive into statue LSP!!

  • Rebecca

    Family, friends, my job, and being blessed to awaken each
    day in good health, with a roof over my head, clothes on
    My back, and food in my belly. All the rest is icing.

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