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Diablo Statue Photo Gallery And Pre-Order Information!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Diablo Statue will be available for Pre-Order through the Sideshow Newsletter on Thursday, November 29th, 2012, which is typically published between 2PM and 3PM (Pacific Time). For those of you who can’t wait to see the full reveal of this Diablo III collectible, we’re posting the product gallery and info a bit early (see below).

The Diablo Statue will be priced at $349.99 and will have payment plans available. Make sure you log into your newsletter account on November 29th, 2012 to secure this piece for your collection.

For more information on the design and development of this statue, check out our Inside Look!

Diablo Statue Product PhotoDiablo Statue Product PhotoDiablo Statue Product PhotoDiablo Statue Product PhotoDiablo Statue Product PhotoDiablo Statue Product PhotoDiablo Statue Product PhotoDiablo Statue Product Photo

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  • CUT

    Hmmm…thought it would be bigger..

  • John

    Nice Statue but once again SS charges to much, seems to be a new trend. I hope they start looking at various statue forums and notice that I am so far from the only person saying this that it is getting sad.

  • WIlliam

    It looks pretty sweet though I’m wondering if a Shadow of Diablo alternate will be available. If so, I may prefer that to the regular version. Either way, I want one!

  • Cudds

    SSC prototypes do not match the versions for sale. Be warned, you will not get a product looking as good as this. I read it is a new trend for SSC.

    • Stewart Krcmar

      just as it has been with the rinzler statue

  • Brandon

    This is a really great piece, the detail is truly amazing… I see a preorder in the very near future.

  • nick

    i don’t know what goes into the painting but i would like to guess that they can “print” out/mold these pretty easy and not to be to much out of pocket, thus the painting is what might take a long time, but I just have to compare it to say other collectibles i have, i have spawn set pieces that are painted very well it sits about 12 inches and only cost 39.99, i just can’t see the 349 price tag, otherwise i would own this if it wasn’t so darn expensive, … this is disappointing :(

  • Aldrich Berard

    What an awesome statue! The details are truly amazing. I must say that this statue is one of the statues I’d love to have.

  • wr

    i would love to have the diablo figuring, i don’t think i would stop looking at it

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