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Dream Projects for Sideshow’s Biggest Superman Fan

Saturday, December 8, 2012

It’s no surprise that Tim Hanson is wearing one of his favorites; a shirt with the familiar red Superman shield. While there are many fans of the Man of Steel at Sideshow, it’s an undisputed fact that we’ve placed him at the highest level – with a true appreciation and knowledge of all things Kryptonian.

“All my life,” he agrees. “My first introduction was the Fleischer cartoons from the early 40′s. I remember watching them with my dad. I remember seeing Superman punch lasers! And I’m like, ‘I’ve never seen anyone punch lasers! How do you do that!? How does he even touch the lasers?!’ It was the coolest thing in the world!”

Tim can discuss at length the various incarnations of Superman  – from the Kirk Alyn television serials, to the George Reeves TV show, all the way past Christopher Reeve and into modern animated versions. And you better believe he can’t wait for the forthcoming film, Superman: The Man of Steel.

“By the time I’d seen the Reeve films, that was the tops for me. There was something about seeing an actual person. Cartoons are one thing. Comic books are one thing. But there’s so much left for your imagination to fill in, when it becomes a flesh-and-blood person…”

“I had to run around the house with a blanket tied around my neck,” he says. “You know, both hands forward, running around the house, singing that theme that everyone knows.”

“I see that symbol, it evokes that very childish kind of wonderment. I love all interpretations of the character. Superman’s a character who’s gonna stay, and who’s gonna keep going. Then I saw the trailers, with all of the fans at Comic-Con. Mind blown.”

Tim started at Sideshow back in 2006, coming from a background in theater, where he learned the art of fabrication. It would be years before our acquisition of the DC Comics license, and the many exciting projects undergoing progress now at Sideshow.

“I was waiting. And waiting, and waiting, and, finally, when the announcement came I was ecstatic. I mean — and anybody can tell you — I was losing my mind. Superman. Batman. Wonder Woman. This whole cast of characters that we’ve never had a chance to take a stab at. I’d been wanting to for so, so long.”

“These upcoming Superman projects are literally dream projects for me,” he says. “I’m so excited about being able to jump into them — thinking of different ways we can do the costumes, what kinds of textures we can use. We’re making the Superman statue that I always wanted as a kid. I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

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  • Bruno

    I so can’t wait for this premium format. I really hope it comes with two head sculpts with the second head being an enraged, red eyed portrait

  • abananafarmer

    its good too see such passion in the creations from sideshow employees. really looking forward to this supes, bats and wonder woman.. among others

  • Geno

    It’s awesome to read the feeling of emotion and passion that Tim has…I can relate….I can’t wait for Batman PF, and Superman PF….Exciting times! Exciting times Indeed! :)

  • Ralphie

    All I can say is we are really waiting for this Superman PF to knock us out.And any news of a Wonder Woman PF would be a Dream come true.

  • Max Power

    This is awesome! However, if this is as close to as we’re going to get to a Christopher Reeve Superman PF I hope the likeness is more…well, Christopher’s likeness. Oh, and please do not forget the “S” on his cape. I think that unanimously all the collectors want this detail on this figure.

    Thank you,


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