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Sound Off: What is your inspiration for collecting?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

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What is your inspiration for collecting?


My sister won 6 tickets off the radio one rainy night in 1977 to a movie called Star Wars. It’s all her fault!

- Paul H.


My father was a collector; we used to collect the old vintage Star Wars figures. I collect the modern ones as a tribute to him nowadays. If he saw my SSC Star Wars collection he’d love it! - Mike M.


When I was young toys and movies amazed me. G.I. Joe was the closest thing I had to recreating a movie; my brother and I would pretend that certain characters were Indiana Jones or James Bond and battle any villain that stood in our way. Now, collectibles and movies go hand in hand. Attention to detail amazes me. The attention to detail amazes me. Thank you for everything you’ve done and your
innovative skill. – Kevin M. 

Being an Industrial Designer really makes me appreciate mad sculptacular skill! – Adam T.


I was five years old when Dad came home with a bunch of the new Star Wars action figures in 1978. (I also pretended that evening that the shiny gold lady on Mom’s small bowling trophy was C-3PO’s wife.) I have a photo somewhere from about 1979 with a table full of action figures, and my pet guinea pig, of course.

I’ve been hooked on action figures ever since and I now work in the toy industry, including Star Wars figure packaging in 2006!!! My freelance creative support also includes recently some Avengers and Batman goodies concept art, graphics and packaging. Super fun!! – Jeremy S.

Nostalgia, plain and simple. I get that same feeling of excitement I used to get as a small child every time I get a new piece. – Ian B.


Nostalgia for me as well. Collecting takes me back to a time of no worries or problems. Just infinite imagination. – Darnell W.


Since childhood I’ve always collected, starting with mountains of Superman comics. But coming from a war torn country I lost all of that and had to leave it behind. I traveled with my father because he works for the UN, but I never had a place I could call home. So many times I had to leave a lot of the things I loved behind.

I started to collect again two years ago after finally settling into a place I can call home. I can happily say now I look forward to having all my collectibles that will now stay with me.  - Wasem M.

I collect because of the skill in the sculpture. It’s an art not a toy! - Mark M.


Not only did you guys inspire me to collect, you made me want to sculpt. I am currently working on a Catwoman statue! It is coming along great. After I finish studying art in college, I really hope to be a part of your team one day. – Handsome R.

In 2007, when I saw the first trailer of the Transformers movie, it suddenly woke up my childhood world that was for so many years was lethargic, and awakened the collector’s monster inside me that for so many years was buried. Because pop is my culture! I’m happy I love you SC! – Nasos P.

Not sure that I had a “specific inspiration”…
I’ve had toys all my life, at every age of my life since being born. I just never grew out of it. - Jason N.

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  • http://sideshow verne glassman

    You use the word “Inspiration” and that is the essence of collecting. Life is messy, often unpleasant and beyond our control. When you collect Sideshow figures you are in control of your own mysterious world, a link to the fantasy of films and comics. In the movie “The Maltese Falcon” Humphrey Bogart (This will show how old I am) says when asked the meaning of the statue, responds “The thing that dreams are made of.” Sideshow is the thing that dreams are made of and we are all so very fortunate to be given a key to that other world, our own dream world. Thank you Sideshow.

  • Jonathan Nipshank

    The art, the story lines, and the fact that I have an irrational obsessive compulsive spontaneous mind haha.

  • http://WayCoolNews.net Mark Kotich

    When my brother and I were younger we use to collect wrestling figures. We played with them more so then we collected them, I suppose.

    It is definitely one of my fondest memories. Hearing the call of my mom back from the grocery store with her latest find. My brother and I would run down the stairs both receiving our latest addition to our collection.

    After awhile my brother grew tired of collecting and gave it up. With that he also gave me his figures. I however continued to collect, expanding on my interests.

    After awhile it became shelves and shelves of figures ranging from wrestling to comic book characters and television and cartoon characters.

    I had entered the world of geekdom and I was hooked! Never letting go of it and never allowing my inner child to be locked away. I forever remain nostalgic, and continue to chase and collect these collectibles that still make me happy to this day.

  • Felipe Parada

    I appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into each on of these models.

  • Noel

    I been looking since 2007 for a MICHAEL MYERS PF Figure, also a PENNYWISE PF figure

  • Noel

    My inspiration is everything about modern horror: Halloween, Friday the 13, Hellraiser,… and much more horror

  • Rebecca

    My real collecting started after I found a couple of Star
    Trek Galoob figures are the grocery. My friends, and
    patients saw them in my office at work, and started to bring more to me as gifts twenty five years ago. Now my collection has expanded to a full room in my home for
    all to enjoy.

  • louis

    THIS IS SO AWESOME IM USING CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry this is just so awesome

    • madara

      i know how you feel

  • David Speranza

    awesome, i hope they will make statues of past godzilla monsters like king ghidorah, mechgodzilla and etc…

  • Michael Schumacher

    chubby godzilla?

  • Elver Galarga

    I want my own Gojira!

  • KrisDoran

    The movie looks fantastic,as will the sideshow pieces.

  • madara

    i can’t wait for these collectibles

  • john

    I just cancel my hulk preorder when i just saw this ,i want a super detail statue of the king ,but just pick up jakks pacific godzilla for 36$$ at k mart it huge an pretty good qualty 24 inhes tall .

  • http://moviefy.net/ Yahzee

    … I better start saving, this is something I must have :O

  • Dave W

    Are you guys going to take order and ship to Australia?

  • Dave W

    Are you going to deliver it internationally? I’m from Australia and I want to buy it.

  • white vader

    Oh man – if the pose in the video is what I think it is, I hope he’ll be holding a you-know-what (end-of-movie-spoilers)!

  • Doryusen

    I WANT! <3 XD

  • Alessio Cacciatore

    OMG-ODZILLA!!! i want it!!!!!!

  • Greg Lewis

    I hope these aren’t limited editions, because I want one, please make them affordable.

  • GMan75

    Holy crap, when are they going to release an image of this thing. It seems like they have been teasing this for months and months with no update or image. Me wants it…ME WANTS IT NOW!

  • Chris Allen

    yes. I want one.

  • gorillawill

    Do we know what’s this gonna cost

  • oryan80

    ok, it’s sept 16 unveil please.

  • lukefrancisdesigns

    what time will this be available for pre order ?

  • DoctorShades24

    Its September 16th…

  • lukefrancisdesigns

    at what point of the day is this out!

  • madara

    i also have the money too can’t wait to buy these

  • Dave W

    I wanted to buy the Metal Gear Rex but they don’t ship it to Australia.

  • James Murray

    I hear it is as tall as the Hulk Maquette but I am not sure. I am sure that they will release info soon since the blu ray is due out in around a month. C’mon sideshow release this badboy!

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