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Fan Mail: Sixth Scale Santa Squad

Sunday, December 23, 2012

From: Ralf F.

“From left to right:
SantaBlade (Killing evil elves)
Santchiko (The Girl that keeps the Crew together)
Santa Gort (Tracking naughty children)
Santa Stark (Financier and Constructor of the hot rod Sled)
Santa Eyes (Reckon through the chimney)
Santa-600 (Rockin’ Around the Mini-Gun)
Santaminator (Every Year he says: “I’ll be back”)
Santa from Mars (Ack-Ack-Aaaack-Ack)
RoboSanta (Steers the Sled trough Fire, Snow and tons of Bullets and Rockets)
Santa Solo (Smuggling toys, candy, and other gifts to the North Pole)
Santa-800 (Badass Crew Chief directly linked to SANTANET’s tactical servers)”

Well there’s a Santa squad we wouldn’t want ho ho holding us hostage.
Cheers, Ralf!

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  • David Dorward

    Great photo!


  • Jason Nelson

    Ha! That’s great!

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